LG K30 Root & Bootloader Unlock – LM-X410(FG)

Gone are the days when rooting was done in one click using the Kingroot app even without unlocking the bootloader. That exploit worked until Android Lollipop 5. Since the marshmallow, the common root procedure is unlocking the bootloader, flashing a custom recovery (TWRP) & installing SuperSu or Magisk root via TWRP.

In this method, the first step is the most crucial step. If we fail to unlock the bootloader then we cannot proceed further. A TWRP cannot be flashed when the bootloader is locked.

Now let’s talk about LG K30. The predecessor to K30 was K20. It was a rootable device. Even a few Custom ROMs such as Lineage OS, AICP, AOSP, etc. are available for LG K20 Plus.

We are going to use the same rooting procedure which is applicable for LG K20 Plus. So Let’s do the first step i.e. unlocking the bootloader.

LG K30 Bootloader Unlock – LM-X410(FG).

To unlock the LG K30 bootloader, we need to turn on USB Debugging. This option can be found in the Developer Options.

Learn How to turn on Developer Options and Enable USB Debugging on LG K30.

The next step is to install the LG K30 USB Driver.

I’ve enabled USB Debugging and installed the LG Mobile Driver on my PC. Let’s proceed further –

lg k30 root

At this point, I’m ready to connect my K30 to the computer via the USB data cable.

lg k30 lge mobile adb interface driver

The LG Mobile ADB Interface driver has installed successfully.

lg k30 usb debugging rsa key fingerprint

We’ve to allow USB Debugging when prompted.

lg k30 adb and fastboot mode

I’m using the Minimal ADB & Fastboot tool to write ADB command

lg k30 adb

Type adb devices and hit enter on your computer keyboard to view the connected device.


lm-x410(fg) adb mode

The connected device is visible as LMX410FG, which is the model number of LG K30.


lg k30 adb reboot bootloader

To boot LG K30 into Fastboot Mode, type adb reboot bootloader and hit enter


lg k30 fastboot mode

Now, my LG K30 is in the Fastboot Mode.

The screen reads –

Welcome to Fastboot Mode for bootloader unlock –

2) Write Unlock Key

fastboot flash unlock unlock.bin

Now there is a difference between the Fastboot Mode on LG K20 Plus and K30. Below is the LG K20 Plus Fastboot Mode  –

lg k20 fastboot mode

In the above K20 Plus Fastboot Mode Image, you can see the bootloader unlock command is fastboot oem unlock

There is no need for an unlock.bin file to unlock the bootloader on LG K20 Plus.


Now Let’s try these 2 command lines 0n LG K30 –


lg k30 fastboot flash unlock unlock.bin

The first command line to unlock the bootloader is fastboot flash unlock unlock.bin

This command throws an error: cannot load ‘unlock.bin’

Until we don’t have the unlock.bin file we cannot use this command to unlock LG K30 bootloader.

At one time HTC used to offer unlock.bin file via its official website. If LG follows the same trend in the future we may be able to unlock the K30 bootloader.


lg k30 fastboot oem unlock

Let’s try the bootloader unlock command which works on LG K20 Plus, i.e. fastboot oem unlock

It throws an error Failed (remote: unknown command)


So, as of now, there is no way to root an LG K30. If someone says he can root your K30 he’s fooling you.

I would update this post, as soon as there is an update on the LG K30 Root status.

For the time being, you can keep a check on this xda thread where the K30 Root discussion is going on.


NOTE: To exit Fastboot Mode, Press Volume Down + Power Button until the phone reboots. The fastboot mode says press power button for 10 seconds to turn off the device. However, this doesn’t work.

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