LG K30 & K40 Themes Free Download

Give a refreshing new look to your LG K40 by choosing among the huge list of free downloadable themes. An LG K40 theme changes the colors and icons of user interface skin. It also brings changes to the keyboard.

A downloaded theme should be small in size and optimized for smooth operation while browsing through menus. The pre-installed theme is lightweight, well-optimized, and bug-free.

Let’s see how to download and install a theme on LG K40 –

Themes for LG K30 & K40

LG K40 Themes

Long-press an empty space on your K40 home screen.

Now tap “Wallpaper & theme” as shown above.

Themes for LG K40

On the ” Wallpaper and theme” Page, select the “Theme” tab.

Click “Top Free” to browse through the free LG K30/K40 themes.

I’m trying to download the “Starlit night” Theme.

Hit “Download” to save this theme.

LG K30 Themes

Wait for the download to complete.

The “Starlit night” Theme is now downloaded, hit “Apply” to install it.

Themes for LG K40

As the name suggests, this is a dark theme. This will be suitable indoors and in a low light environment.

Check out the app icons in the above screenshot.

LG K40 Text Message Theme

The phone dialer and messaging app are quite dark in Starlit Theme.

LG K40 Conversation Theme

The above screenshot shows the Settings and Keyboard background.

LG K40 Light Theme

Now let’s try a light background theme called “Flower Way”.

Tap “Apply” to run this theme.

LG K40 Theme Download

This is a girly theme.

You can check out the home screen and app drawer menu in the above screenshot.

LG K30 Theme Free

The app dialer and the messaging app’s pink background in the “Flower way” theme.

Theme LG K30 Download

The Keyboard & the Settings page also have a pink shade in between.

LG K40 Dark Mode/Black Theme


There’s an in-built dark theme on the LG K40 by the name of Maximum battery saver mode/High contrast screen.

The LG K40 dark mode theme doubles the battery life.

Let’s see how to enable the Dark Mode Theme on LG K40 –

LG K40 Dark Theme

To enable the dark mode on LG K40, Go to Settings > General >Battery.

LG K30 Dark Theme

Now we need to go to the “Battery Saver” page.

There are 2 battery saver modes, Extended and Maximum.

The “Maximum mode” is the Dark Theme mode.

You can see it offers approx 180 hours of battery life whereas the “regular mode” lasts up to 70 hours only.

LG K40 Maximum Mode

Tap “TURN ON” to enable LG K30/K40 dark mode theme.

LG K30 Dark Mode

In the maximum battery saver mode, the highest level of brightness is 80%, vibration is turned off, Wifi, Bluetooth, Location services & background activities are restricted.

You can alter these settings in the Edit mode as shown above.

Dark Theme LG K40

The LG K40 Dark Theme feels good under low light conditions.

LG K40 Conversation Theme

The K40 phone dialer and messaging app in Dark Mode.

LG K40 Dark Keyboard

The Black background goes all the way through the Settings and Keyboard.

For more details, please refer to the below post –

LG K30 & K40 Dark Mode


LG K30/K40 Text Message & Conversation Theme

By default, we get only 2 types of text message themes on K30 & K40.

LG K40 Text Message Theme

The conversation theme comes with a white or black background.

LG K40 Conversation Black Theme

The background text message theme can be white or black.

For more themes, we need to rely on the 3 party messaging apps.

Chomp SMS

lg k40 chomp sms

The above screenshot shows the Chomp SMS theme. We can customize the conversation theme as per our liking.

Handcent SMS

lg k30 handcent sms

Handcent is also a popular messaging app with lot of theme options as shown above.

Pulse SMS

conversation theme for lg k30

The next app on the list is Pulse SMS. You can minutely customize the conversation background with Pulse app.

Textra Messaging App

lg k40 change text message theme

The last app on our list is the Textra app.

We can even alter the Conversation bubble style with the Textra app.

14 Best Themes for LG K30 & K40

1. Viking Shield Theme

LG K40 Viking Shield Theme

The Viking Shield is a Metallic Theme. It will appeal to gaming enthusiasts. Please refer to the above screenshots.

2. Starlit Night Theme

LG K40 Starlit Night Theme

The starlit theme works great under low light conditions.

It’s a dark theme.

3. Shine Theme

LG K40 Shine Theme

Shine is a greenish theme with striped background and cool icons.

The text message background also looks great with the Shine Theme. It does away with the boring plain background.

4. Raining Star Theme

LG K40 Raining Star Theme

Raining star is a shiny moonlit theme in blue.

You can check out its appearance in the above screenshots.

5. Pink Vine Heart Theme

LG K40 Pink Vine Heart Theme

Pink Vine Theme is a flowery theme with a 3D effect.

6. My Journey Theme

LG K40 My Journey Theme

My journey is a light-colored theme with beautiful icons.

It would appeal to most of the users.

7. Midnight in Halloween Theme

LG K40 Midnight in Halloween Theme

Midnight in Halloween is another dark theme.

A good theme to use during Halloween.

8. Metal Silver Theme

LG K40 Metal Silver Theme

As the name suggests, the metal silver is a shiny metallic theme.

The icons are given a metallic look.

9. Metal Mesh Theme

LG K40 Metal Mesh Theme

Another theme with metallic icons is the Metal Mesh Theme.

The metallic themes are big in size. They may affect your phone’s performance.

10. Men’s Perfume Theme

LG K40 Men's Perfume Theme

Men’s perfume has a cool dark leathery background.

11. In My Room Theme

LG K40 In my room Theme

In my room is a funky theme with round icons.

12. Giraffe Theme

LG K40 Giraffe Theme

The Giraffe theme is good to please the kids.

13. Dream Coconut Tree Theme

LG K40 Dream Coconut Tree Theme

Dream Coconut Tree theme is very pleasing to the eyes. The icons are square with rounded corners.

14. Avacado Theme

The Avacado theme is my personal favorite.

The green background color is taken from the outer avocado shell and the icon color resembles the avocado pulp color.


On LG K30/K40, which theme is your personal favorite? Please share it in the below comment section.

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