LG K30/K40 sound problems – speaker not working, no notification sound

Are you facing audio issues on your LG K30/K40? Don’t worry you are in the right place. The sound problems on K30/K40 can range from the speaker not working, low volume, notification sound not working, can’t hear caller, microphone not working, stuck in headphone mode, etc.

In this post, we are going to identify and troubleshoot the common sound problems on K30 & K40. So, Let’s get going –

LG K30 & K40 Sound Problems / Issues

1. No Sound / Not Ringing / Speaker not working


If no sound is coming out of the external loudspeaker on your k30/k40, we need to follow the below troubleshooting steps –

a. Check if the phone is in Vibration, Silent, or Do Not Disturb mode

Make sure your phone is not in silent/vibration mode. Also, make sure that do not disturb is off.

In both the scenarios the phone won’t ring for calls and notifications.

Pull down the notification bar and tap “Silent” to switch to the “Sound” mode.

Do the same if in the “Vibrate” mode. The phone will ring only when the “Sound” mode is turned on.


Pull down the notification bar and check if “Do not disturb” is activated. Tap once to turn it off as shown above.


b. Do a ring test via Hidden Menu

LG K30/K40 hidden menu has got a few very useful device tests including the ring test and ringtone test.

During this test we can find out of the external speaker is working or not.

Use your phone dialer to dial *#546368#*420# on LG K40

The dialer code for K30 is *#546368#*410#

Tap the first option on the hidden menu page i.e. “Device Test”.

Now go to “SAAT” > “Service Menu – Manual Test”.

Click on “Ring Test”.

During this test, the phone rings at maximum volume, even if in silent mode.

The ORT test on the hidden menu page includes a Ringtone test. Let’s go through this as well.

Tap “ORT Test” select “Manual Mode” and hit “Test Start”.

Tap “Ringtone” to start the test.

A ringtone is being played. Hit “Stop” to end the test.


c. Soft Reset

The next troubleshooting step is a soft reset.

To perform a soft reset, long-press the power button and choose “power off and restart” as shown above.

This is a basic troubleshooting step that can resolve most of the issues.

d. Safe Mode

If the soft reset failed to fix the speaker issue, let’s use the safe mode.

In the safe mode, the downloaded apps are disabled. So if the issue is app related the speaker should work fine in the safe mode.


Boot your K30/K40 into the safe mode and test the speaker once again.

Long-Press the power button to bring the “Power off” option on the screen.

Now, Long-Press “Power off”. This launches the safe mode window. Tap “TURN ON” to boot your K30/K40 in the safe mode.

To learn how to use safe mode for troubleshooting, please follow the below link –

LG K30 Safe Mode

LG K40 Safe Mode



e. Software Update

Make sure you’re running the latest software on your K30/K40.

To update your K30/K40 firmware, Go to Settings > General > Update Center.

Download and install the system update if available.

For more details please check out the below links –


LG K30 Android 9 Update

LG K40 Android 10

e. Factory Reset

If nothing works, we need to factory reset the phone. The internal storage data will be wiped during the reset. Make sure to backup your complete data before resetting the phone to factory settings.

Open the Settings app on your K30/K40.

Select the General tab and Go to “Restart & reset” > “Factory data reset”.

For detailed instructions, please visit the below post –

LG K30 Factory Reset

LG K40 Factory Reset

f. Hardware Repair

The loudspeaker still fails to work even after the reset, its surely a hardware issue. If your phone is within warranty please send it for repair.

To fix the no sound issue on your own, get a replacement speaker from eBay and follow the below video –

LG k30 speaker not working
LG K30 replacement loudspeaker

As of now, the LG K30 replacement loudspeaker sells for around $13.5 on eBay.