LG K30 & K40 Secure Startup Bypass – Forgot pin, password

Are you stuck on the Secure Startup screen on your K30 / K40, due to a forgotten Password, PIN or Pattern? Do not worry you’re at the right place.

In this post, we are going to learn how to bypass the LG K40 secure startup screen with the help of this easy to follow troubleshooting with video and screenshots.

LG K30 & K40 Secure Startup

LG K40 secure startup

You must be stuck on the above Secure start-up screen on your K30/K40.

It’s asking for the correct pattern to unlock the screen. In your case, it may be a PIN or Password.

There is no alternate way out such as Google Account recovery or Forgot Password option.

It’s showing 30 attempts remaining.


lg k30 secure startup

I kept on trying to draw the right pattern lock.

Now only 10 attempts are remaining. After every 10 attempts, we have reboot the phone and try again.

lg k40 secure startup final attempt

Now, it’s the final attempt. It says the phone will be automatically factory data reset after this last failed attempt.

There is no need to do this cumbersome process to factory reset your K30/K40. I performed it only to learn if there is a way out to bypass the secure startup screen without reset.

It seems we are out of luck. We can bypass the secure startup screen only by resetting the phone & thus erasing data stored on the internal storage space.

How to Bypass Secure Startup on LG K40 / K30


lg k30 secure startup bypass

First of all, turn off your phone using the Power Button as shown above.


lg k30 recovery mode
LG K30 Power & Volume Down Button

To Hard Factory Reset, we have to use the Volume Down & Power Button.

On LG K30 the Power button is located on the back.


lg k40 recovery mode

LG K40 Power & Volume Down Button

The power button on K40 is on the right. 


To boot your K30/K40 into Recovery mode – 

  1. Power off your Phone
  2. Press the Volume Down & Power Key to boot the phone.

lg k40 boot menu

3. As soon as the LG logo appears on the screen or when the phone vibrates, release the power button and hold it again.

lg k30 boot menu

4. Keep holding the power & volume down button until you are on the “Factory Data Reset” screen also known as Recovery Mode.

5. During the whole process don’t leave the volume down key.


recovery mode lg k40

We are now in LG K30 / K40 Recovery Mode

In this mode, touch doesn’t work. Use the volume rocker to move up & down. Select an option with the Power Button.

Move down from “No(Exit)” to “Yes” with the volume down key.


how to enter recovery mode lg k40

Press the power button to select the “Yes” option.

Again Move Down from “No” to “Yes” with the Volume Down button and hit the Power key.



lg k40 factory reset button

This step has initiated the Factory Data Reset.

The phone is getting erased.

how to bypass secure startup on lg k40

Wait for the reset to complete.

how to bypass secure startup on lg k30

This process is going to take a while.

secure startup bypass lg k30

We are now on the “Welcome” screen of the setup wizard.

Use the forward arrow to move ahead.

Connect to the Internet via Wifi or Mobile Data.

lg k40 secure startup bypass forgot pin

Tap “Set up as new” on the “Copy apps & data” page.

lg k40 secure startup forgot pattern

Once again it’s asking for the pattern lock. The good thing is we get the Google Account recovery option as well.


Verify your last synced Google account on this device.


You can follow the below LG K40 Secure Startup Bypass video as well –

If you don’t remember the Google account credentials, follow the LG K40 Google Bypass hack as follows –


How to Google FRP Bypass LG K30 & K40

Follow the above video or go through the below screenshots to bypass Google Verification on K30 & K40 –

how to bypass google verification on lg k40

First of all, power off your phone using the Power Button as shown above.

lg k40 set up sim card lock

We are now going to use another phone to set up a SIM Card lock.

If you’re using an LG Smartphone, follow the above screenshots to add a SIM lock.

Go to Settings > General > Lock screen & security > Set up SIM card lock.

frp bypass lg k40

Tap “Lock SIM Card” to enable it.

It asks for the current PIN. The default MetroPCS PIN is 1234

Enter 1234 and tap OK.

It says “SIM Card lock enabled”.

We have to insert this locked SIM card in K30/K40.

lg k30 sim card slot
LG K30 SIM Card Installation

On LG K30, the SIM Card slot is located on the right.



lg k40 sim card slot
LG K40 SIM Card Installation

On K40, the SIM Card slot is on the left.

Insert the locked SIM as per the above illustration.


lg k40 frp bypass 2020

Now, turn on your K30/K40.

As soon as the phone turns on, it asks for a SIM lock PIN code.

Enter the PIN code we set earlier i.e. 1234

Observe the last screenshot above –

We have to swipe down the screen starting from the “Not signed in” notification towards the bottom of the screen.

Do not swipe in the upward direction to unlock the screen.

lg k40 google bypass

If done correctly, notification panel shortcuts will appear on the top of the screen.

(If you fail to get this screen, reboot your phone and try again)

Long-Press the Bluetooth icon as marked above.

This takes us to the Bluetooth page,

Turn on Bluetooth. We have to receive an image file from another phone.


lg k40 bypass google account

Again use another phone to send an image file via Bluetooth.

I’m sharing a wallpaper via Bluetooth.

lg k40 google account bypass

The Bluetooth file is being sent to LG K30.

lg k40 secure startup password

“ACCEPT” the Bluetooth file on your K30 / K40.

Hit the 3 dots icon on the top-right and select Received files.

lg k40 secure startup pin

Tap this wallpaper file and open it using the “Photos” app.


bypass secure startup lg k40

“Allow” access to your photos app and share this image file using “Gmail” as the sharing medium.

how to bypass google verification on lg k30

We are now on the “Welcome to Gmail” screen.

Hit “SKIP” and tap “Add an email address”.

Select the last option i.e. ” Other” on the Setup email” page.

how to bypass google account on lg k40

Enter any email id and hit “NEXT”.

on the next page, select the account type as ” Exchange”.

Now click the “SELECT” option as marked in the above screenshot.

lg k40 secure startup bypass

It says to use credential storage we have to add a secure screen lock first.

Tap ” CHANGE” to accept this request.

This brings us to the “Select screen lock page”.

Add an easy to remember screen lock. It can be a Pattern, PIN, or password.

I’ adding a PIN lock.

frp bypass lg k40

I’ve set 1234 as the PIN lock.

It says ” Screen lock has been changed”.

Now we have to go all the way back to the first “Welcome” screen of the setup wizard.

google account bypass lg k40

Use the back button to keep going back.

how to bypass google lock on lg k40

We are now on the Welcome page.

Use the forward arrow to proceed further.

Hit “Set up as new” on the “Copy apps & data” page.

Now it asks to Verify PIN.

Enter the screen lock PIN we just set in the previous step i.e. 1234

google account lock lg k40

We are on the Google Sign-in page –

At this stage, you can either skip the sign-in process or log in with any Google account (the last sync account is not needed).

I’m skipping Google sign-in by hitting the skip option.



lg k40 google unlock

Now, follow the on-screen prompts and keep moving ahead.

lg k40 frp bypass no pc

Tap “CANCEL” when it asks to “Choose account”.

lg k40 pin bypass

Finally, we are on the Legal documents page.

Tick “I agree” and hit “DONE” to land to your K30/K40 home screen thus bypassing the Google account.

We have successfully bypassed the Secure Startup Screen on LG K30 & K40.

If stuck at any point, feel free to leave a comment below.



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  1. When you get to the step of needing to use another phone for locking a sim card does it matter if it’s a different type of phone than an lg k40 & the sim card, does it have to be active or can you just use any locked sim card?

  2. Ok on mine…whenever I click the type of email account “other” …..right after I click that, it doesn’t give me the option of “exchange”….mine only shows “personal (pop)”…….and “personal (imap)”….and either one I choose…..it never shows anything about the credentials or brings up a way to make a screen lock….please help! Lol thank you!

  3. Tysm because i had to reset my lG233DL Phone now i get it

    my phone was a little off because i enter my password and it didnt let me through it was on the loading screen circle but It was the attmpetts to restart the data 😀

  4. Hi so I tried removing my password the other day and when my secure start up screen came back on I entered my 4 digit numerical pin and now Im locked out of my phone and only have 3 attempts left on my lgk40 before it rests automatically and I lose all of my important documents and pictures and videos of my kids. Is there a way to recover all of the data without doing a hard reset?

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