LG K30 & K40 notifications – text, missed call/ light & sound notification

On LG K40 we can get notified for a missed call, text message, voicemail, email, and other apps.  The notification alert is received in the form of sound, voice, led light, and via flashlight.

If the phone screen is off, you get to know a message or mail has arrived with the led light or flashlight.

We can also enable the setting to view notifications on the lock screen itself.

Let’s explore the LG K30 & K40 Notification options in great detail –

LG K30 & K40 Notifications – lmx410 / lmx420


1. LG K40 /K30 Text message & Missed Call Notification

lg k40 notifications

The above screenshot shows the text message notification on the lock screen and in the notification panel respectively.

The notifications keep on accumulating in the notification panel until you view or clear them.

lg k30 notifications

The icon badge shows the number of unchecked app notifications.

The above screenshot shows I’ve 2 unread text messages & 1 Email.

lg k40 missed call notification

Like text, we also get notified for Missed calls.

You won’t get missed call notification when your K40 is off or in airplane mode/out of coverage area.

The LG K40 Notification options can also be explored as per the below video –

2. LG K40/K30 Notification Settings

Let’s check out the notification settings on LG K40 –

a. App notifications

notifications lg k40

Open Settings > General > Apps & notifications.

lg k40 notifications

Now select “Notifications”, the 2nd option on the page.

lg k30 missed call notification

On the “Apps” page, select which app you want to receive notifications from.

Tap an app for more options.

Let’s explore the “contacts” app notification settings –

  • If the first option is turned off, you won’t receive missed call notifications.
  • You can turn on/off the icon badge for the Contacts app.
  • “Contacts” is a “QSlide” app that works in a mini-window format.  Tap “QSlide” to set the notification options when using it in QSlide mode.

lg k40 missed call notification

The Qslide Notification options can be viewed in the above screenshot.

lg k40 text notifications

The messaging app is missing for the apps list.

We have to go to “Advanced settings” to access it.

Tap the “3 dots” icon and click “Advanced Settings”.

lg k40 text message notifications

Now the “Messaging” app is visible.

We cannot turn off text message notifications.

Tap “New messages” to set the text notification behavior.

lg k30 text notifications

We can override the do not disturb settings i.e. exclude the messaging app from “do not disturb”.

b. Lock Screen Notifications

lg k40 lock screen notifications

If you wish to hide sensitive information from prying eyes, hide the lock screen notifications as per the above screenshot.

c. Notification Icon Badges

lg k40 icon badges

The next setting on the notifications page is ” Icon badges”.

The default icon badge setting is “Show with number”

lg k40 notification icon badges

Check out the icon badge on the messaging and Gmail app.

I’ve 2 unread text messages and 1 email.

lg k30 icon badges

We can hide the icon badges altogether or can have a badge without the notification count.

d. LG K40 Notification Light / Blink LED

lg k40 notification light

The last and the most useful option on the notifications page is Blink LED. The LED Notification light is added for the first time in an LG K Series smartphone.

The notification light blinks when a notification is received even when the screen if off.

lg k40 notification led light

Check out the Notification LED location on LG K40. It’s located beside the Front Camera lens.

LG K30 Notification Light
LG K30 Front Layout

LG K30 lacks the Notification LED light.

3. Notification Sound

On the LG K40/K30, the next way to get notified of incoming notifications is via a sound alert.

lg k40 notification sound

To set a notification sound tone, open Settings > Sound > Notification sound.



lg k30 notification sound

Select a tone among the listed options or tap the “+” icon and add a custom tone from the music player.



notification sound lg k40

Pull down the notification panel and adjust the notification sound volume using the volume rocker as shown above.


4. Voice Notifications

lg k40 voice notifications

On LG K40, the text to speech function can read out the caller name and text messages for you.

To enable LG K40 Voice notifications , please Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Vision.


lg k30 voice notifications

Now turn on “Message/call voice notifications”.

lg k40 text to speech settings

Adjust the Text to Speech settings as per the above screenshot.

5. Flash Notification Alerts

Apart from Blink LED, we can also use the Camera flash as a notification light.

The flash alerts can be useful for LG K30 as it lacks a notification LED light.

lg k30 flash alerts

To enable Flash alerts, Go to Settings > General > Accessibility

lg k30 notification led light

Now, select the 2nd option i.e. “Hearing” and turn on “Flash alerts”.


lg k40 flash alerts

The “Flash alerts” option is now turned on.

On LG K30/K40, the rear flash will blink for incoming calls, messages & alarms.

6. Silence Notifications / Do not Disturb

lg k40 do not disturb

The app notifications can be silenced when in a meeting, sleeping, etc by turning on “Do not disturb”.

Go to Settings < Sound < Do not disturb as shown above.

lg k30 do not disturb

Do not disturb can be scheduled as per the daily/weekly routine.

There is also a priority mode to receive notifications from priorities and alarms.


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