LG K30 & K40 Do not disturb – How to turn on & use

LG K40 do not disturb features silences your phone when you don’t want any kind of distraction or disturbance. You can turn it on when needed or schedule it for the whole week.

lg k40 do not disturb

There are 2 modes, Priority only & Total Silence. We are going to explore them in more detail with the help of the below screenshots –


LG K40 Do not disturb – How to turn on

First Method

lg k30 do not disturb

First of all, pull down the notification bar to unveil the notification panel.

Swipe towards the right and look for the “do not disturb” shortcut.

lg k30 turn off do not disturb

Tap, “Do not disturb” to turn it on. Long-press this option for more settings.

We can turn off do not disturb anytime using this navigation panel shortcut.

Second Method

lg k40 turn on do not disturb

Open Settings on your LG K40.


do not disturb lg k40

Choose the “Sound”  tab and select “Do not disturb” as shown above.

how to turn on do not disturb on lg k40

Now, we are on the “Do not disturb” page.

Let’s explore it –

LG K40 Do not disturb – Total Silence


lg k40 silent mode



In the total silence mode, all sounds and vibrations are silenced. You can set a weekly total silence schedule as well.


LG K40 Do not disturb – Priority Mode


lg lm-x420 do not disturb


In the priority mode, alarms & priorities will sound/vibrate, all other notifications are silenced.


1. Calls / Repeated Calls

lg lm-x410(fg) do not disturb

We can exclude call notifications from favorite contacts or all contacts in the contact list from do not disturb.

Select “No one” if you wish to silence all calls.

Your K40 will ring on each call if you choose “Everyone”.

2. Texts / Messages

lg k40 text notification

We can apply similar settings for text notifications as well.

3. Do not disturb Weekly Schedule

lg k40 do not disturb weekly schedule

We can schedule do not disturb for the whole week as per our requirement.


If your sleeping time, meeting time, etc is fixed, set a daily schedule to automatically enable do not disturb during these hours.

4. Calendar Events

lg k40 calendar events

Other than weekly schedule we can enable do not disturb based on the calendar events

lg k40 google calendar

Do not disturb turns on during the events of selected calendars.


lg k40 invited events

You can sync your Google account calendar as well.

lg k40 calendar invited events

Out of the invited events, you can decide when to auto-enable do not disturb.

LG K40 Turn off do not disturb

lg k40 turn off do not disturb


Use the navigation panel shortcut to turn off “Do not disturb” as visible in the above screenshot.


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