LG K30 & K40 Dark Mode / Night Mode – How to turn on

There are 2 ways to turn on the Dark Mode / Night Mode on LG K40 & K30. You can enable it by turning on “High Contrast Screen” in the Accessibility Settings or by activating “Maximum Mode” which is a battery saver mode and can be enabled in the Battery settings.

Lets’ check out these modes with the help of the video and screenshots below –

How to Enable Dark Mode / Night Mode on LG K40 & LG K30

Dark Mode on K30 /K40 is like a Dark theme with a black background. Even the keyboard is darkened in this mode.

If most of the time you are using your phone indoors in low light conditions, then this mode may suit you. Moreover, if you enable dark mode in the form of Maximum Battery Saver Mode you would almost double the battery life of your K30 / K40 as compared to regular mode.

1. High Contrast Screen – LG K30 / K40

LG K30 Dark mode

The first Dark Mode is the High Contrast Screen.

To enable High Contrast Screen, Go to Settings < General Tab and select “Accessibility” as shown above.

Tap the first option in “Accessibility” i.e. “Vision”.


LG K30 High Contrast Screen

Scroll down and look for “High Contrast Screen”. Tap to enable it.


2. Maximum Battery Saver Mode – LG K40 / K30

LG K40 Dark Mode

To enable Maximum Battery Saver Mode. Go to Settings < General Tab and select “Battery”.

LG K40 Maximum Battery Saver Mode

Select “Battery Saver” which is the first option under Power Saving.

You can see there are 3 modes in the Battery Saver. Tap the last one i.e. “Maximum”

Confirm your action by tapping “TURN ON” as shown above.

LG K30 Maximum Battery Saver Mode

This Dark Mode is more or less similar to the High Contrast Screen, but the added advantage is the increased battery life.


We can also call “Color Inversion” as a Dark Mode but its not suitable for regular use. It’s meant for people with low vision. As the name suggests, it inverts the colors and even the images and videos are affected.

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