LG K30 & K40 App Drawer / apps icon / menu tree

On the iPhone, there is no app drawer. All the apps are on the home screen itself. Android also tried this trick and removed the all apps icon on most of the Android Smartphones.

It’s fine if you’re a new Android user however If you were used to the menu button then you must be looking for it on your LG K30/K40.

In this post, we are going to bring back the old App Drawer in a few steps. Follow the below video and screenshots  –


LG K40 Home & App Drawer

lg k40 app drawer

Long-Press an empty space on your K40 Home Screen

Now, tap “Home screen settings” as shown above.

lg k40 menu tree

On the “Home Screen” page, select the first option i.e. “Select Home”.

We have got 3 options –

Home, Home & app drawer, EasyHome.

The current home screen is “Home”. Let’s change it to the one with an app drawer.

lg k40 menu icon

I’ve selected the “Home & app drawer” with the App Drawer icon enabled.   Hit “OK” after choosing your desired home.

It says “Home & app drawer is set as default home”.


lg k40 all apps icon

We can see all apps by using the newly added app drawer or by swiping up the screen.

You can go through the below video as well –



LG K40 Home with App Drawer without drawer icon

lg k30 app drawer

We can also have the app drawer without the drawer icon.

Again go to the “Home screen settings”.

lg k30 apps icon

Tap “Select Home”.

Let the Home remain “Home & app drawer” but toggle off “App drawer icon” & hit “OK”.

apps menu lg k30

Now we have a Home with app drawer but without the drawer icon.

We can access all apps by swiping up the on the home screen as displayed in the above screenshot.

LG K40 Easy Home with App Drawer

One more Home with an app drawer is the “EasyHome”.It’s better suited for elderly persons who are not that tech-savvy and would prefer an easier user-interface.


lg k40 easy mode

To set EasyHome as the default Home, Long-Press an empty space and click “Home screen settings”.



lg k40 easy mode

Touch “Select Home”.

Choose the last option i.e. “EasyHome” and click “OK”.

lg k30 easy home

The Home is now changed to “Easy Mode”.

The icon size is increased for better visibility. Direct-dial widgets are added to the home screen.

Tap the app drawer icon to view all apps.

lg k40 easy home

We can add a contact shortcut using the “Add button”.

Tap add and select your favorite contact.


lg k40 dialer widget

“411 & More” contact is added.

We can text or call this number using this home screen shortcut.


Which one is your favorite Home on LG K40? Please share your views using the below comment section.


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