LG K30 Hidden Menu & Other Secret Dialer Codes

LG K30 has got a few very useful secret codes. The “Hidden Menu” is the most useful dialer code with an extensive list of troubleshooting options. These codes work for both MetroPCS & T-Mobile LG K30. For LG K30, there are 6 Secret codes in total.

Let’s start with the most popular dialer code for finding the phone IMEI which is common for almost every GSM phone globally.

1. LG K30 IMEI Dialer Code

LG K30 Secret Code IMEI

The IMEI of LG K30 can be found in Settings < System < About Phone < Status.

The quicker method is to dial *#06# on the phone dialer.

A pop-up would appear showing the IMEI number of your LG K30.

IMEI is mostly needed while unlocking the phone for other GSM networks.


With the next dialer code, we can open the LG K30 “Testing” Menu –


2. LG K30 Dialer Code to open “Testing Menu”

LG K30 Secret Dialer Code Phone Testing Menu

Open your LG K30 phone dialer and dial   *#*#4636#*#*

Make sure to add * in the end. It’s missing in the screenshot above.

There are 3 options in the “Testing” Menu as shown above which are Phone Information, Usage Statistics, and Wi-Fi Information.

Earlier there used to be one more option i.e “Battery Information” which is omitted now.  However, battery information can also be found in the Hidden Menu.


As the name suggests, Phone Info provides basic phone info & current network-related information. Over here, we can set the preferred network type. You can set it to GSM only while traveling abroad.



LG K30 Dialer Codes Testing Menu

We can also set the GSM/UMTS radio band to “Automatic” or “United States” as shown above.

LG K30 Secret Code Usage Statistics

The next option in the Testing menu is “Usage Statistics”. It keeps a tab on the time spent on various apps.

The app list can be sorted on the basis of the Launch count or App name as shown above.

LG K30 Secret Code Wifi Information

The last option the testing menu is “Wifi Information”

I tried to run it several times but it kept on crashing no matter whether I kept the Wifi ON or OFF.

Wifi information can also be found in the Hidden Menu which is next in our list of dialer codes.


3. LG K30 Hidden Menu Dialer Code


LG K30 Hidden Menu Secret Dialer Code

To enter LG K30 Hidden Menu, Dial 277634#*#

Make sure to add # in the end, it’s missing in the screenshot above.

This dialer code opens a Secret Menu called “Operator HiddenMenu” with an extensive list of options as shown above.

The Hidden Menu includes tests to troubleshoot issues related to Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, Battery, Data Connectivity, Mobile Network, etc.



LG K30 Hidden Menu Code

Above is the list of options found in the “Operator Hidden Menu” of LG K30



Go through the below video to explore all the options in the LG K30 Hidden Menu.


4. LG K30 Main Hidden Menu Code ( The Second Hidden Menu)


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