LG K30 FRP Bypass Google Account Verification 2019

LMX410 LG K30 Bypass Google Account

Add any of your Google accounts by entering the email id and password.


LG K30 Google Lock Bypass

“ACCEPT” the terms and conditions to move forward

LG K30 Bypass Google Sign in

As the Play store app opens, it confirms that we’ve successfully added our Google account.

Now we’ve to go all the way back to the welcome screen of the setup wizard.


How to bypass google verification on lg k30

Hit back until you’re on the first screen of the setup wizard


STEP 4. Completing the Setup Wizard and landing on the LG K30 home screen

bypass google account verification lg k30

As we’ve added the Gmail account, this time we won’t be prompted to enter the last synced google account.

Tap on “Set up as new” to move forward.

lg k30 frp bypass 2018 2019

You can see it showing the Gmail account we’ve added

lg k30 gmail account bypass

Go ahead and complete the setup wizard.

lg k30 google frp bypass

Now that we’ve bypassed Google’s FRP it better to perform a factory reset within the phone settings.

Pull down the notification bar and hit the “Settings” icon at the right-hand top.

Select the “General” tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page.


lg k30 factory reset

Tap the 2nd last option i.e “Reset”

Now tap “Factory data reset”

& Finally  “RESET PHONE”


lg k30 factory reset process

Enter 4 digit secure pin and tap “Delete all” to initiate the “Factory data reset” process.

This time then won’t be any google verification screen. You can complete the setup wizard even without adding a Google account.

There is an updated method to bypass Google Verification on LG K30. I’ve made a youtube video on this. You can check out the below video –


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  1. “Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you would see “Client certificate”.

    Tap on “Add” to add a certificate

    It won’t let us add a certificate unless we change the screen lock to a secure one with pin, pattern or password.

    Tap on “CHANGE” to add a screen lock

    We would add a PIN lock which is easy to remember.”


  2. hello on my LG k-30 when I connect to Wi-Fi I’m supposed to go to accessibility when I go to accessibility I go to settings and the next screen that pops up it does not give me the option to go to switch access what do I do

  3. When I get to the contacts settings & it promts me to add an account when I click the add button it takes me to the settings screen for wi-fi / tethering & I cannot go any further

  4. When I click on watch later or share and it goes to take me to YouTube it won’t let me go further I get a page with a robot saying I need to update YouTube and I can’t

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