LG K30 FRP Bypass Google Account Verification 2019

Google’s Factory Reset Protection comes into effect when we try to Hard Reset our Android phone with the combination of volume down and power button. If you perform a factory reset within the phone settings, there is no need to verify your last synced Google account.

However, unlike iPhone’s iCloud lock, Google’s FRP has been bypassed from time to time with a certain hack. A similar hack is present for LG K30 as well. We are going to implement this latest 2019 hack in the form of this step by step tutorial with screenshots.

Let’s proceed with the Google FRP Bypass Tutorial for LG K30

NOTE: There is an updated and easier method to bypass google account on LG K30 at present. Refer to the below link.

LG K40 FRP Bypass 2020  – This tutorial is for LG K40 but will work on K30 as well.


How to Bypass Google Verification on LG K30 2019

Google’s FRP bypass for LG K30 is quite easy. There is no need to install any app and the process is quite simple. Just follow the tutorial to restore your phone back to the normal working state.



LG K30 setup wizard


I’ve done a factory reset on my LG K30 via hardware keys (volume down + power key),  which took me to the welcome screen of the Setup Wizard

Let’s move further and connect to a Wifi network

LG K30 stuck at google verification

You can see I’m stuck at the Google Verification Screen.

To bypass this, Go back to the very first page of the Setup wizard.

The FRP bypass process can be divided into 3 steps for the ease of understanding –

STEP 1. Getting access to Google Maps app via “Accessibility”

LG K30 Bypass Google Account

From the Google verification screen go back to the first screen of the setup wizard i.e the Welcome Screen and click on “Accessibility” as shown above.


A prompt would appear to confirm your action. Tap “SETTINGS” to get access to the accessibility settings.

On the Accessibility page, scroll down to the bottom and tap on “Switch Access” as shown above.


On Switch Access page hit “SETTINGS” located at the bottom right corner.

Now we are on the Switch Access Settings Page.  Select the first option i.e Help & feedback

On the Support page, again select the first option i.e “About Switch Acess for Android”.


Now, look for the Youtube video window and tap on it.

A “3 dots” menu icon would appear on the right-hand top. Click on it.

Now, tap on “Watch later”.  This would take us to the Google Chrome app.



LG K30 Bypass Google Verification

Hit  “ACCEPT & CONTINUE”  to move further

There is no need to SIGN IN,  Tap “NO THANKS” and it would take us to the Google Chrome search bar.


LMX410 FRP Bypass

In the search bar, type “google maps” and search it.

Now tap on the second tab which is “MAPS” as shown in the 2nd screenshot above.

This would launch the Google Maps app.


STEP 2. Launching the “Contacts” app via Google Maps

Move on to Next Page (Page 2)

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  1. “Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you would see “Client certificate”.

    Tap on “Add” to add a certificate

    It won’t let us add a certificate unless we change the screen lock to a secure one with pin, pattern or password.

    Tap on “CHANGE” to add a screen lock

    We would add a PIN lock which is easy to remember.”


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