LG K30 forgot pattern, pin, password – lock screen bypass

We tend to forget the lock screen details. It’s not very uncommon. The primary screen lock on LG K30 is a PIN, Pattern or Password. The secondary lock can be in the form of a Fingerprint or Face Lock.

After every restart, you need to unlock the screen using the primary screen lock i.e. PIN, pattern, or password. You should note down the Primary screen lock, in case you forget.

In the earlier versions of Android, it was possible to bypass the lock screen without reset by signing in your Google account. Unfortunately, this option is removed now.

You can see I’m stuck on a pattern lock screen on LG K30.

I’ve drawn the wrong pattern 50 times still I don’t get any other option to bypass the lock screen.

I kept trying up to 100 attempts with no luck. Only the wait time keeps increasing. On K30 you cannot bypass the lock screen without reset.

LG K30 Locked Out / How to Bypass Screen Lock on LG K30

When stuck on the LG K30 lock screen –

Long-press the Power button located on the back of your K30.

Now, tap “Power off and restart” to reboot the phone

During the restart when the phone turns off (screen turns black as shown above), hold the volume down & power button as indicated in the below picture.



Now, as soon as the phone vibrates (or when LG logo appears on the screen), release the power button and hold it again.

Keep holding the power button until you’re on the white “Factory Reset” screen as shown below. In the whole process never release the volume down button.


The above factory data reset screen is also known as the “Recovery Mode”.

We have to use the volume and power button in the recovery mode. We can move up and down using the volume buttons & confirm our selection with the power button.

Move down for “No (Exit)” to “Yes” using Volume Button & select this option using the power button.

Repeat you action once again. Move down with the volume down button and select the “Yes” option with the Power key.

If done correctly, the factory reset process would initiate. It’s erasing the data stored on the internal storage space.

The phone is rebooting now.

It stays on the Metro screen for a few minutes.

We are now on the “Android is starting” screen. Wait for the process to complete.

Now we are on the welcome screen of the setup wizard.

Use the forward arrow to move ahead.

Use the mobile network or connect to a Wifi network to proceed further.

On the copy apps and data page, select “Set up as new”.

At this stage, we are on the Google Verification screen. It asks for the last synced Google Account.

If you know the Google Account details you can sign and complete the setup wizard process to land on the K30 home screen.


In case you don’t remember the screen lock as well as Google sign in details, the only option left is to bypass this FRP (Factory reset protection) screen using a hack. Follow the below troubleshooting guide to bypass the Google Verification screen on LG K30.

LG K30 FRP Bypass Google Account 2020


If stuck at any stage, feel free to leave a comment below.

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