LG K30 Download Mode, Recovery Mode & Safe Mode – Detailed Guide

Safe Mode, Recovery Mode & Download Mode are the 3 modes of troubleshooting for LG K30 in ascending order.

Most of the time a soft reset (Reboot) does the job in case of minor issues such as lagging, freezing or overheating.

However, if the cause of the trouble is some downloaded app, then safe mode can help us to detect that malicious app without affecting the data stored in internal storage.

If the issue persists, then factory data reset comes to rescue. A factory data reset can be done within the settings.

However, if your K30 is locked out due to forgotten lock screen pin, password or pattern,  then we need to boot the phone into recovery mode & perform a factory data reset using hard keys. A factory data reset would wipe your internal storage.

The last resort, in case of a soft brick such as failed firmware update, is flashing a stock firmware via K30 Download mode. If this fails to restore the phone, the issue is related to hardware and can only be fixed by a service technician.


Let’s check out how to enter different modes of Troubleshooting on LG K30  how to get the most out of them when needed –

How to boot LG K30 into Recovery Mode & Do a Hard Reset

LG K30 Recovery Mode

To boot your LG K30 into recovery mode,

Power OFF your phone

Press the volume down and power key.

As soon as the phone vibrates, release the power key and hold it again until you’re on the “Factory Data Reset” screen with a white background. In the whole process don’t release the volume down button.


LG K30 LM-X410 Recovery Mode

We’re now in recovery mode

In Recovery Mode, touch doesn’t work. We need to move up and down with Volume keys and confirm our selection with the Power Key.

To do a Factory Data Reset,

Move down from “No(Exit)” to “Yes” using volume down key.  Press the Power button to confirm.

Again move from “No(Exit)” to “Yes” & Press the Power key to confirm this action.

The factory data reset would erase the phone and restore it to factory settings.

How to boot LG K30 into Download Mode & Flash a Stock Firmware

LG K30 LM-X410MK Download Mode


To boot your LG K30 into the Download Mode –

Power OFF your phone

Connect one end of the USB data cable to your K30

Press the Volume UP key. Keep it pressed and connect the other end of the USB data cable to your computer as shown in the picture above.

You K30 must be now in the Download Mode.


LM-X410MK Download Mode

Download Mode would flash for few seconds then it would change to “Firmware Update” as shown in the above screenshots.

If you wish to exit Download Mode without flashing a firmware, Long Press Volume Down + Power Key and the phone will reboot into normal mode.

At this point, we’re ready to flash a Stock Firmware on our LG K30 using LGUP flashing tool.

How to boot LG K30 into Safe Mode & Detect a Malicious App

LG K30 Safe Mode

There is no need to turn OFF the phone to enter Safe Mode.

While the phone is ON, Long press the Power Key.


Boot LG K30 into Safe Mode

Now Long Press the first options i.e. “Power off”

Tap “TURN ON” to boot the phone into Safe Mode as visible in the second screenshot above.

Our K30 is now in Safe Mode. You would notice “Safe Mode” at the Left-hand bottom.



Safe Mode LG K30

Apps and Widgets are disabled in the Safe Mode.

When in Safe Mode, check whether the issue you were facing is now gone or not.

If the phone is functioning fine in Safe mode then some downloaded app must be causing the trouble.

In this case, by trial and error, you need to find out the malicious app.

In the Safe mode, an app can be uninstalled by going into Settings < Apps & Notifications

LG LM-X410 Safe Mode

Among the listed apps you can uninstall the downloaded apps.

How to turn off LG K30 Safe Mode

To exit Safe mode,

Pull down the notification bar and Tap “Safe Mode is On”

Now hit “TURN OFF” to reboot the phone into normal mode.



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