LG K30 Android 9 Pie Update Software – Android Version 10

LG K30 was released in mid-2018. The MetroPCS variant was launched with Android Nougat 7.0. K30 received the Oreo update in its early days.

Usually, the budget phones see one major Android update in their lifetime. Now, more than 2 years later since its launch K30 is upgraded to Android Pie 9.0. Its an achievement in itself. LG Stylo 4 MetroPCS is still on Android Oreo 8.1.

Usually, the phones at the bottom of the ladder are neglected especially when they grow old. So, after the Pie update should we wait for the LG K30 Android 10 Update?

Will LG K30 get Android 10 Update?

lg k30 android 10


The successor to K30, K40 came with Android 9.0 out of the box and now the latest K series smartphone K51 is launched with Android 10.

As K40 is yet to receive an Android 10 update, K30 has to wait. It’s highly unlikely that K30 will receive another major update during its life cycle.

For the time being let’s enjoy the Android Pie update on K30 –

LG K30 Android 9 Pie Update

lg k30 android 9 pie update


The Pie update for LG K30 was long-awaited. The wait is now over.

Let’s update our K30 MetroPCS to Android 9.0


lg k30 update

Open “Settings” On your K30.

Now select the “General” Tab and click on “Update center”.

lg k30 android pie update

Hit ” System Update” On the update center page.

To download the OTA System update your K30 must be connected to the internet via Wifi or Mobile Data.

The K30 update is downloading. Its says –

“This release includes an upgrade to Android P (9).”

lg k30 update software

The LG K30 1.6GB Android Pie Stock firmware is now downloaded.

We have to restart the phone to install this update.

Wait for the phone to upgrade. Leave it unattended for at least 15 minutes until the phone boots again and lands to the K30 Home Screen.


lg k30 system update

After the update, let’s check the Android version.

We have to go to Settings > General > About Phone.

lg k30 android version

Now we have to open the “Software info” page.

It shows the current Android version and Software version.

The current K30 Android version is 9 and the software version is X410MK30e.

lg k30 pie update

Repeated taps on the Android Version reveals the Android Pie Animation.

Multiple taps on the Animation brings us to the Android Pie Easter Egg page.

This time it’s a drawing and painting app as shown above.


lg k30 firmware update

LG K30 is updated to Pie, but the latest Android update is Android 10. LG K51 comes with Android 10 out of the box.

We should keep checking for updates. Hopefully, in the near future, K30 may get another major update i.e. Android 10.

Let’s check if we are on the latest update or not.

Go to Settings > General > Update center.

lg k30 stock firmware

Tap system update and hit “Check for update”.

LG K30 Automatic System Updates

lg k30 rom

It says ” Your system is up to date”.

As of August 2020, the latest LG K30 MetroPCS software is X410MK30e.

To make sure your phone is updated automatically to the latest available software, you should enable “Automatic system updates” in the “Developer Options”.

To turn on Developer options on LG K30, check out the below post –

LG K30 Developer Options

lg k30 automatic system updates

Open “Developer Options”, scroll down and look for Automatic system updates. Make sure it’s enabled.

LG K30 Downgrade – Android Pie to Oreo

lg k30 downgrade

If for any reason, you wish to go back to Oreo, we can easily downgrade the K30 Android firmware by flashing a stock ROM via LGUP.

Download the LG K30 Oreo ROM and flash it as per the below guide –

LG K30 Stock Firmware Download – Downgrade Pie to Oreo


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