LG K20 Sound Problems / LG K20 Plus Speaker not working – Fix

Audio related issues are quite common on LG K20 & K20 Plus. The common sound problems found on K20 / K20 Plus are low sound, speaker not working, no sound, ear speaker not working, etc.

In this post, we’re going to try all the troubleshooting steps along with a diagnostic test via LG K20 hidden menu to fix K20 Plus Sound Problems. So, Let’s get going –

How to troubleshoot LG K20 Sound Problems

1. LG K20 No Sound via Loud Speaker

Before getting a replacement speaker for LG K20 / K20 Plus we should make sure that the issue is related to hardware or software. If its a software issue then it can be easily fixed without replacing the External Speaker –

a. Make sure your phone is not in the Silent mode

lg k20 sound profile

Go to Settings < Sound < Sound Profile as shown above.

Check the Sound Profile and change it to  “Sound” if it’s in “Vibrate Only” or “Silent” mode.

Below Sound Profile, you can see “Volume”, open it and check if the Ringtone and other volumes are at a sufficient level.

Even after adjusting the volume, if still the speaker is still not working then move on to the next step.

b. Do a Soft Reset

Reboot your phone and check if the Loudspeaker has started working.


c. Boot into safe mode and test you K20 Plus Speaker

To enter the Safe mode. Long press the Power button to get various options on the screen.

Long-Press the first option i.e Power off and you’ll get an option to enter safe mode.

Tap “TURN ON” to reboot your K20 into the safe mode.

Now, again test your Speaker if it’s working which means some 3rd party app is causing the issue and it can be fixed by uninstalling that app.  Try to remove apps one by one to fix the issue.

If still there is no sound from the speaker, Let’s try a diagnostic test in the Hidden Menu.

d. Do a Ring Test using LG K20 Plus Hidden Menu

To enter the Hidden Menu on your K20 Plus. Open your phone dialer and type *#546368#*260#

Make sure to add an # in the end if following the above screenshot.

Select the first option i.e “Device Test” as shown above.

Now Select “SAAT” < “Service Menu – Manual Test” < “Ring Test”

As soon as you’ll choose the ring test the phone will start ringing. If your K20 Speaker is good then the phone would ring.

Choose “PASS” or “FAIL” based on your test result.

If you’ve failed this test then it’s very likely that you need to replace your LG K20 / K20 Plus Loud Speaker / Buzzer / Ringer.  After getting a replacement speaker for your K20 plus follow the below videos to get it replaced.

Remove the LG K20 Plus frame using the first video and follow the second video to replace your K20 Plus loudspeaker. The second video belongs to LG K10 but the procedure would be the same.



2. LG K20 No Sound via Ear Speaker

The ear speaker stops working mostly during the rainy season. In the humid weather, moisture affects the earpiece which results in a distorted voice or no voice during a phone call.

Liquid spillage can be the other reason for ear speaker damage. In some cases, it’s also affected by dust getting stuck in the speaker grille.

Before getting a replacement ear speaker there are few troubleshooting steps to fix your K20 earpiece problem –


a. First of all, make a call using a headphone to make sure that the issue is related to the ear speaker or not. If you can hear using an earphone then the issue is definitely with the earpiece.

b. Soft Reset – Reboot your K20 / K20 Plus and check if the ear speaker has started working.

c. Blow Air in the Ear Speaker to clear if something is stuck in the speaker grille.

d. Use a toothbrush to thoroughly clean the speaker grille.

If the above steps failed to restore your earpiece then get a replacement LG K20/K20 Plus Ear Speaker and fix it as per the below video –

This is an LG K20 Plus screen replacement video but it covers earpiece replacement as well.


3. LG K20 Plus Low Volume

The low volume on LG K20 Plus can be fixed using a volume boost mod only after rooting your K20 Plus. We need to replace a file using root explorer after gaining root.


4. LG K20 Notification Sound not working

If you’re not hearing the notification sound on your K20 / K20 Plus, there are 2 possibilities. Either your phone is in Silent / Vibrate Only mode or your loudspeaker is not working.


Go to Settings < Sound < Volume and check the Sound Profile. If the Sound Profile is in “Silent”  or “Vibrate only” mode change it to “Sound” mode.

Now open “Volume” and check the “Notification Sound” if it’s low increase it to a sufficient level.

If still there’s no notification sound then the issue is with the loudspeaker. Get your K20 Plus speaker replaced as per the below video.


Please share what worked for you via the comment section below. Thanks for reading











4 thoughts on “LG K20 Sound Problems / LG K20 Plus Speaker not working – Fix

  1. My issue is with lack of notification sounds. The fixes you suggest appear to be for a different/older (?) phone. E.g., when I select Settings, and then select sound, I do not have an item called Sound Profile, nor one called Volume. I see a screen with adjustable sound levels for Media volume, Call volume, Ring volume and Alarm volume. There is not a Volume level for notifications.
    Also, the speaker works fine.

  2. I’m having some problems woth my lgk20 plus phone. Whenever I record something with the camera app or voice recorder, there is a buzzing sound in the recording. Restarting the device hasn’t solved the problem.

    • This looks like a hardware issue. Try to factory reset the phone. If it resolves the issue well and good, else you may need to replace the microphone.

  3. Moisture or water in the head phone jack will make the phone think you have headphones plugged in. Take a q-tip and gently clean the port… Hope this helps
    It worked for me

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