LG K20 Screenshot & Screen Recording Tutorial

There are 3 ways to take a screenshot on LG K20 & K20 Plus. The most common and conventional method is using the volume down and power button. This works on almost every android smartphone.

The other 2 methods are easier and can be quite useful to capture screen on LG K20. Let’s check out all the 3 methods with the help of the below screenshots and video –


How to take a screenshot on LG K20 & K20 Plus



1. LG K20 Screenshot using Volume Down & Power Button


To capture a screenshot, press the volume down and power key simultaneously on your LG K20.

In a few tries, you’ll get a hang of it.

Once the screenshot is captured, it shows up in the navigation bar. You can view, share or delete it.

You can view it later as well. It gets stored in the Pictures < Screenshots folder and can be viewed using the Gallery app on your K20.

2. LG K20 Screenshot using the Fingerprint sensor

The fingerprint sensor on the LG K20 is useful in more ways than one.

It doubles as a shortcut to capture a screenshot on LG K20. First of all, we need to enable this functionality as per the screenshots above.

Go to Settings and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Open “Shortcut Keys” and tap “Take Screenshot” option to enable it.


Make sure to just tap on the power key (Don’t Click) twice and keep your finger on the power key until the screenshot is captured.

The double-tap has to be quick else the screenshot won’t be captured.

In a few tries, you’ll get a hang of it and it’s much easier than the volume and power key combination.


3. LG K20 Screenshot using Capture Plus shortcut in navigation Panel

If the quick memo app is missing on your K20 you need to download it from the Update Center.

Go to “Settings” < “About Phone” < “Update Center” as shown above.


Agree to the “Terms of Use” and download the “QuickMemo+” app.

Once the app is installed, pull down the notification panel and tap “EDIT” as shown above.

Drag the “Capture+” icon as shown in the screenshot above.

Close the navigation panel and relaunch it.

Now tap the “Capture+” icon to capture the current screen.

Click on the “tick” icon and select “Gallery” in the dropdown menu

The screenshot is captured and saved to the Gallery.

In the Gallery app, “Capture+” and “Screenshots” folders are visible.


LG K20 Screen Recording Procedure

A built-in screen recorder is missing from LG K20 but there a number of 3rd party screen recorders that are as good as a native screen recorder.

The one which I like the most is the Screen Recorder by Kimcy929. It’s an ad-free screen recorder with the following features –

  • Supports Pause and Resume Function
  • Can be added as a shortcut in navigation panel for a one-click screen recording
  • Free from annoying ads
  • Can record videos up to 1080p with a frame rate of 60 fps
  • Overlay text/image support
  • Can use the camera while recording
  • Clean recording without any watermark
  • Translucent Magic button to control recording
  • Video trimmer to edit recorded video

The other notable screen recorder apps which I’ve tested are are Mobizen, X Recorder & AZ Screen Recorder.

Share your favorite LG K20 screen recorder in the comment section below.





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