LG K20 Plus Unlock Bootloader – MetroPCS MP260 & T-Mobile TP260

LGMP260 ADB devices

Now again type adb devices and hit Enter.

LGMP260 device USB Debugging Authorized

This time you can see that the device is authorized and we’re ready to boot our phone in fastboot mode.

LG K20 Plus MP260 Bootloader Unlock Command

To boot the phone in fastboot mode, type adb reboot bootloader and press Enter.

LG K20 Plus Fastboot Mode for Bootloader Unlock

Look at your phone screen, it must be in the fastboot mode now.


LG K20 Plus Fatboot oem Unlock command

Finally, type fastboot oem unlock and hit Enter to complete the bootloader unlocking process for your K20 Plus.


LG K20 Plus fastboot getvar unlocked command

Now the bootloader is unlocked. We can verify the unlock status with command, fastboot getvar unlocked



You can see the result is “unlocked: yes” it confirms that we’ve successfully completed the unlocking process.



LG K20 Plus fastboot rebooting adb

Now to get out of fastboot mode either you can remove and reinsert the battery to boot the phone or restart it with the command, fastboot reboot as shown above.


LG K20 Plus your device software cannot be checked for corruption

As long as the bootloader remains unlocked, everytime you boot the phone you’ll be greeted with this warning message ” Your device software cannot be checked for corruption. Lock the bootloader.” This is normal you just have to press the power button once to boot the phone normally.

Now that we’ve unlocked the bootloader we’re ready to flash a custom recovery (TWRP) and then root our K20 Plus.

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