LG K20 Plus TWRP/Custom Recovery for MetroPCS MP260 & TP260 – How to Flash

To flash the recovery.img file we’ve to reboot the phone in fastboot mode.

To do that type adb reboot bootloader and press Enter.


Check the phone screen. It should be now in the fastboot mode.

To flash custom recovery type the following command and hit Enter

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

It’ll take only a few seconds to write the recovery.

Step 4 – Flashing no-verity-opt-encrypt-6.0.zip file in TWRP

Now we can boot into recovery mode to check the TWRP installation.

To boot into recovery mode –


Turn OFF your phone.

Press the “Volume down” and “Power” button simultaneously to turn ON the phone.

As soon as the LG logo appears on screen, release the “power button” and hold it again until you’re at the white “Factory Data Reset” screen as shown below. In the whole process never release the Volume Down key.

Press the “Volume down” button once to move down to “Yes” and press “power key” to confirm your action.

Again move down to “Yes” and confirm by pressing the Power button.

Press the power button once again, to get past the bootloader warning screen.

This will take us to TWRP.

It’ll ask password to Decrypt Data, select “Cancel” as shown above.

Now, Swipe the bar towards the right to get access to TWRP.  By doing this, we agree to keep the system partition unmodified i.e read-only.

Now we’re in TWRP but the system partition is not modified, so on next reboot, TWRP will get replaced with the stock recovery.

To avoid this. we’ve to flash the download no-verity-opt-encrypt.zip file to permanently flash TWRP.

First, we’ve to format data and then we’re going to flash that zip file.

Select “Wipe” and then “Format Data” as visible in the screenshots above.


Type yes and hit the “tick mark” icon to confirm this action.

Now go all the way back to the TWRP main screen.

If you haven’t transferred the no-verity-opt-encrypt.zip file to the phone yet, you can do it now.

This time we can send the file to internal storage as well.

Download the no-verity-opt-encrypt.zip file from below link if not downloaded yet –


Right Click on the zip file and select “Send to” < “LG-TP260” as shown above.

By default, it’ll send the file to the internal storage


Now tap on “Install”, this will take us to internal storage.

If you’ve copied the file to internal storage scroll down and look for it.

Click on the zip file and swipe towards the right to flash it.

If the no-verity-opt-encrypt.zip file is in SD card then first, we’ve to mount the SD card.

Tap on “MOUNT” and “Check” MicroSD to mount it.

Now go back and select “Install”.

Tap on “Install”. It takes us to the phone’s internal storage

Select “(Up A Level)” and then ‘sdcard1″ to open SD Card folder

Now tap on the no-verity-opt-encrypt.zip file and swipe the bar towards the right to flash it.

Tap on “Reboot System” to restart the phone.


We’ve successfully flashed TWRP. Now we’re ready to root our LG K20 Plus with Magisk.


If stuck at any point, feel free to leave a comment below.

12 thoughts on “LG K20 Plus TWRP/Custom Recovery for MetroPCS MP260 & TP260 – How to Flash

  1. hi my friend:
    I have a problem with my LG K20 plus phone, when i try to flash the TWRP it is ok, i did flash it rigth but when i try to get into the TWRP the phone do the factory reset, i mean it do not enter to the TWRP, do you know what i am doing wrong??

  2. amigo ami me pasaba lo mismo pero desconectas el cable quitas la bateria vuelve a ponerla y dehi sigue el normal las instrucciones

  3. when i try to flash the custom recovery i get the “waiting for any device” message. from what ive been able to find online this is due to a driver issue. do you have a recommended source and instructions for installing the correct driver?

  4. Hello. I get Failed (remote: cannot flash this partition in unlocked state) when i try to fastboot flash recovery.img. Please help? I have been trying for hours. Thank you

  5. If you are having problems getting to the TWRP Recovery screen after flashing recovery.img successfully.

    At the part when you hold down the volume down button and press power twice to get to the Factory Reset menu and it pops up for Factory Reset.

    When you select Yes to Factory Reset. Immediately after hitting Yes the second time for confirmation. Hold down the Volumn Down and Power button one more time to get to the TWRP Recovery screen. Otherwise it will actualyl do a Factory Reset and you will see an Cirlce Moon looking thing that says Erasing underneath it and it was a pain in the ass to discover this was why i

  6. After rooting, I tried to upload lineage rom, and now whenever I try rebooting system it is stuck on lg screen, I remove the battery and try again. Fail. I even tried the whole adb fastboot flash recovery recovery.img, successful continue steps, in twrp, wipe type yes back back reboot recovery, stuck on lg screen again…..anyone know how I can bring the phone back to life?

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