LG K20 Plus Screen Mirroring without Chromecast – Roku, Fire Stick – Miracast

There is no option to Cast a screen on LG K20 or K20 Plus. So, other than Chromecast if you’re trying to mirror your phone to a TV it won’t work.

However, this issue can be rectified by flashing a Lineage OS custom ROM on K20. As its a stock Google ROM it has the CAST option similar to Motorola phones.

Using this option we can easily mirror our K20 screen to the TV using ROKU, Microsoft’s Wireless Display Adapter, Amazon Fire Stick, etc.

Let’s check out how screen mirroring works on LG K20 using Lineage OS custom ROM

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Does the LG K20 have Screen Mirroring?

Yes, LG K20 Plus does have screen mirroring support but to get the “Cast” option we need to install Lineage OS Custom ROM on our K20 Plus.

Chromecast can be used with LG K20 Plus stock android using the Google Home app.

To do Screen Mirroring on TV via Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku Wireless Adapter & Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter we need the Cast Option which comes with a Lineage OS Custom ROM.

After flashing the stock ROM, pull up the home screen to go to all apps screen.

Select the “Settings” icon as shown above.

Now tap “Connected devices” to open it.

Select the 2nd option i.e “Cast” as shown above.

Now hit the “3 dots” icon located at the top-right corner and checkbox “Enable wireless display”

After doing this, we’re ready to mirror our LG K20 Plus phone screen to a TV using Fire TV, ROKU, Microsoft Miracast Adapter, etc.

LG K20 Plus Cast to TV using Amazon Fire Stick

I’ve used the Amazon Fire TV stick to cast K20 Plus screen on my Philips TV.

After connecting your K20 Plus and Fire TV to the same Wi-Fi network enable Display Mirroring on Fire TV using the Fire TV remote.

Go to Settings < Display & Sounds < Enable Display Mirroring and select this option.

Now the TV is ready to mirror a phone screen. It says “While this screen is open, guest devices can wirelessly mirror their display to Fire TV Stick”

At this point, tap the “Cast” option on your K20 Plus by going to Settings < Connected devices < Cast

It will detect the Fire Stick after scanning. Tap on it to mirror your K20 Plus screen on the TV.

You can check out the below video to get a feel.


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  1. V20 K previously would cast to fire TV stick. Has recently stopped working. Any clues. Possible software “upgrade?” Have two fire sticks. Neither will receive the cast now. Any help appreciated.

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