Does LG K20 Plus have NFC, IR Blaster, Wireless Charging, MHL Support, etc ?

In this post, were going to clear the doubts regarding features present in LG K20 Plus. Let’s find what it does have and what it lacks.

Does LG K20 Plus have NFC?

NFC is missing from LG K20 & K20 Plus. But 2 generations later i.e in LG K40 NFC is present.

I checked it by installing a 3rd party app and it says “NFC is unsupported”.

To make sure, I even searched NFC in the settings and failed to find it.

NFC is getting more and more popular. Very soon it’ll be offered even in entry-level smartphones.

Does LG K20 Plus have Screen Mirroring?

K20 Plus doesn’t have the Cast option which is needed for Screen Mirroring. You cannot mirror your K20 Plus screen to a TV using Fire Stick, Microsoft Miracast adapter or via Roku unless you get the Cast option.

The only solution to this problem is installing Lineage OS Custom ROM on K20 Plus. With Lineage OS we get the Cast option for Screen Mirroring.



Check out this post to know how to mirror K20 Plus to the TV via Lineage OS.

Chromecast doesn’t need Cast to mirror as it uses its own Google Home app for Screen Mirroring & Casting.

Does LG K20 Plus have IR Blaster?

IR blaster (infrared blaster) is missing from LG K20 & K20 Plus .

I did an IR test using a 3rd party app from the play store and even search it in Settings but without any success.

With IR blaster you can use your phone as a remote control for your TV, AC, Fan, Projector, etc

Does LG K20 Plus have Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging is a feature found in the high-end phones and thus missing from LG K20.

However, 3rd party wireless chargers are available which can give you a feel of wireless charging. You can buy a wireless charger for your LG K20 or K20 Plus from here.

Does LG K20 Plus have MHL Support?

A few years ago many of the LG phones were MHL/Slimport compatible. Nowadays this feature is missing from most of the LG phones including K20 & K20 Plus.

Screen mirroring with MHL cable doesn’t require an internet connection & is comparatively smoother with a better frame rate as compared to wireless screen mirroring.

Does LG K20 Plus have Notification Light?

Notification light is usually found in mid-range phones. LG K20, being a budget phone lack this feature.

I searched for it in Settings but failed to find it.

The alternate solution to notification light is “Flash Alert” which can be turned on in Accessibility settings.

Go to Settings < Accessibility < Hearing and turn on “Flash alerts”.

With Flash alert turned on, flashlight blinks for incoming calls, messages, and alarms.


Does LG K20 Plus have Expandable Memory?

LG k20 has expandable memory. It supports micro SD cards up to 2 TB.

The memory card slot is located under the battery door.


Does LG K20 Plus have Wifi Calling?

Wifi calling is a carrier dependent feature. All 3 variants of K20 (K20, K20 v & K20 Plus) support Wifi Calling.

As the name suggests, Wi-Fi calling uses Wi-Fi internet connection instead of cellular connectivity at places where the network coverage is poor.

Does LG K20 have OTG?

Yes, LG K20/K20 plus is compatible with USB OTG. We need an OTG adapter to connect a Pen Drive, Mouse, Keyboard, etc.

You can check out the below video. I’ve connected a mouse and pen drive to K20 Plus –


Finally, Let’s check out the rest of the LG K20 & K20 Plus features in tabular form for quick reference –


Does LG K20 / K20 Plus have?Answer
IR Blaster / Infrared
Wireless Charging
Screen Mirroring / Smart View
SD Card Support / Expandable Memory
A Sim Card Slot
Fast Charging / Quick Charge Support
LED Notification Light
Wi-Fi Calling
MHL / HDMI Support
Removable Battery
Gorilla GlassOnly on T-Mobile K20 Plus
USB OTG Support
Fingerprint Scanner
Face Recognition / Face UnlockYes, via Smart Lock
Headphone Jack (3.5mm )


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