LG K20 Plus MP260 Stock ROM KDZ Download & Firmware Update Tutorial

LG K20 Plus DLL

Wait for Uppercut to load LGUP

LG K20 Plus uppercut loading LGUP

You can see that LGUP is loading

LGMP260 LGUP firmware update

LGUP is up and running.

The detected phone model is LGMP260 running on Android firmware version mp26010j.

We’re going to upgrade the K20 Plus firmware to mp26010v

LG K20 Plus LGUP Flashing KDZ

To load the kdz file click on the “3 dots” icon.

If you’ve not yet downloaded the stock firmware (kdz) for flashing, do it now –


Make sure to extract the downloaded LG K20 Plus mp26010v MetroPCS Stock ROM Firmware.zip file to get MP26010v_00_1214.kdz file.


LG K20 Plus LGUP Flashing Stock ROM

Browse for the downloaded kdz file i.e MP26010v_00_1214.kdz and load it to LGUP by clicking on it.

MP26010v kdz Stock ROM Flashing

The kdz file is loaded for flashing

Mp26010j to Mp26010v firmware update

Change Flashing Process from “REFURBISH” to “UPGRADE”.

Click on “Start” to initiate the firmware update process.

LGUP K20 Plus kdz flashing

Wait for the firmware update process to complete successfully. Do not disconnect the USB cable.

K20 PLus LGUP ROM Flashing done

At around 80% the phone would reboot as visible in the screenshot above.

Wait for the process the complete to 100%.

LGUP LGMP260 Flashing completed

The firmware update /unbricking process has completed successfully.

We can now exit LGUP and disconnect the USB cable.

The above kdz file is for LG K20 Plus MetroPCS.  It should not be used to flash the T Mobile variant.


For any query, please leave a comment below.



14 thoughts on “LG K20 Plus MP260 Stock ROM KDZ Download & Firmware Update Tutorial

  1. bonjour, j’ai le message d’erreur “error: 0x2000, MP26010v_00_1214.kdz file does NOT support “REFURBISH” process”, que doit-je faire ? merci

  2. so i got the firmware in and it still asks for a secure startup password so what password is used? i tired every password i use and now i’m at 13 of 30 so is there a backdoor password? i guess if i make it to 0 the phone is useless and i might as well sell it for parts.

  3. I did extracted the zip file and then the firmware disappeared on me. Just turn off or disable any antivirus you have on your windows and you will be fine.

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