LG K20 Plus MP260 Secret Dialer Codes including the Hidden Menu

All LG phones have a few hidden secret codes which take us to a secret menu. These dialer codes can be extremely useful for phone testing or troubleshooting.

LG K20 Plus as well has few useful codes. They work on both MetroPCS and T Mobile variants of K20 Plus.

The most useful secret menu on K20 plus is the “Hidden Menu”. Let’s explore all the codes one by one starting with the Hidden Menu –

1. LG K20 Plus Hidden Menu

To enter the Hidden Menu open your K20 Plus phone dialer and dial 277634#*#

As soon as we add the #  in the end, it directly takes us to the hidden menu –



The hidden menu has an extensive list of options. Most of the options are meant for LG service technicians and should not be messed with.

However, we can make use of a hidden menu for testing out Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, Battery, Data connectivity, etc.

Check out the above video for a detailed overview of the hidden menu


2. LG K20 Plus Secret Code for Phone Testing

K20 has got a useful secret code for phone testing. The dialer code for the “Testing” Menu is *#*#4636#*#*

The first option in the “Testing” menu is “Phone Information”.It’s usually accessible on other GSM phones, but in the case of MetroPCS K20 Plus, the access is denied.

It says ” This application does not work on this device”

The phone information menu is used to choose between various network modes. It’s more useful in case of

GSM + CDMA phone for switching networks.

The second option in the “Testing” menu is “Battery Information”

Here we get a detailed report of the battery including its health, voltage, and temperature.

The next option in the “Testing” menu is “Usage Statistics”

“Usage Statistics” keeps a tab on the app usage duration along with the date it was used last time.

The last option in the “Testing” menu is “Wifi Information”


Wi-Fi config gives us a detailed analysis of all the previously configured wifi networks.

Wifi status gives us the current report of the wifi connection.

We can Run a ping test to troubleshoot wifi connectivity problems.


3. LG K20 Plus Dialer Code for IMEI

IMEI number is usually needed for unlocking the phone via paid unlock service. For the K20 Plus device unlock service you need to provide the IMEI number.


There are different ways to check out the K20 Plus IMEI but the easiest one is via the dialer code.

1. Open the K20 plus phone dialer and dial *#06#

This will reveal the IMEI of your phone.

2. The second method to check the IMEI is by going to Settings < General Tab < About Phone < Status

3. The IMEI number can also be found under the battery.

4. The last method to check out the IMEI number is –

Turn OFF your K20 Plus.

Now turn it ON by pressing all the 3 hardware keys i.e Volume Up + Volume Down + Power Button

A white “IMEI display” screen will appear with your phone’s IMEI and serial number.


If you know any other working Secret code for LG K20 Plus please share it via the comment section below.



7 thoughts on “LG K20 Plus MP260 Secret Dialer Codes including the Hidden Menu

  1. Is there a way to turn on wifi calling because metro fixes it so it will not work with an unlocked phone on any other carrier, and I know att supports it, but It will not hook up to there system because it says my sim is invalid when it is not, i use my unlocked phone on att for a couple years now.

  2. I have never had these many phone problems ever! Ever since I replaced my screen it hasn’t been the same. Brought a new LCD ETC so my screen won’t come on when I double tap it. And I have it set up in my settings that’s how I would like to turn my phone on and off. Secondly when I make a phone call now smh my screen goes black ASAP! literally I have to press power button so the screen can come on. When I’m on a call I hear my other line beep but sadly my screen DOES NOT light up to show me who is calling me. In order for me too see I press the power button. I’ve done a Factory Data Reset still problem has not went away whatsoever!!!! All my life never have I ever experience this with my screens especially if being a lg phone this is my first time replacing my screen. Will someone please get back too me I would greatly appreciate.

    • Your proximity sensor is not working. At the time of screen replacement, you need to pull the proximity sensor from the old frame and place it in the new one. Open your phone once again to fix the issue.

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