LG K20 Plus Manual PDF MetroPCS / LG K20 AT&T & Verizon User Guide

There are 5 variants of K20 & each one has its own user manual. In this post, you can download the PDF manual in English or Spanish based on your respective carrier.

LG K20 belongs to AT&T with model number M255. LG K20 Plus is from MetroPCS / T-Mobile with model number MP260/TP260. LG K20 V is from Verizon with model number VS501. The last one is LG K20 LRA (Verizon’s LTE for rural America) with model number RS501.

You can check out the differences between K20, K20 v & K20 Plus in this comparison post.

Let’s download their user guides from the respective download links –

1. LG K20 Plus Manual MetroPCS MP260 PDF Download


Among the K20 variants, K20 Plus is the most superior with 32 GB internal storage space. The rest of the K20 variants come with 16 GB internal memory.

LG K20 Manual for MetroPCS can be downloaded in English/Spanish as follows

K20 Plus MetroPCS MP260 English Manual


K20 Plus MetroPCS MP260 Spanish Manual 


2. LG K20 Manual for M255 AT&T  in PDF


LG K20 AT&T is the lowest specced K20 variant with only 16 GB internal Storage (vs 32GB in K20 Plus), 8 MP Camera (vs 13MP), and 1.5 GB RAM (vs 2GB).

For a detailed comparison between K20 variants, please visit this post – LG K20 vs K20 Plus vs K20 v

Download the K20 AT&T Manual in English or Spanish using below link

K20 AT&T M255 English Manual


K20 AT&T M255 Spanish Manual


3. LG K20 v Manual Verizon VS501 PDF Download

LG K20 v from Verizon is a CDMA + GSM variant specced the same as K20 Plus except for the internal storage space. (16GB vs 32GB).

A detailed comparison between K20, K20 v & K20 Plus can be found in this post.

Get a copy of K20 V Manual for Verizon as per the links below –

LG K20 v Verizon VS501 English Manual


LG K20 v Verizon VS501 Spanish Manual 


4. LG K20 Plus Manual TP260 T-Mobile Download

K20 Plus T-Mobile is just the same as the MetroPCS variant except for the Gorilla Glass 3 / Panda Glass protection in the T-Mobile variant. K20 Plus MetroPCS lacks any kind of glass screen protection.

Download the PDF manual for K20 Plus T-Mobile in English or Spanish from the respective download links –

LG K20 Plus T Mobile TP260 English Manual


LG K20 Plus T Mobile TP260 Spanish Manual


5. LG K20 LRA RS501 Manual Download

The last variant of K20 is K20 LRA which represents Verizon’s LTE network for rural America. It has got a separate user manual from Verizon’s which can be downloaded using below download links –

LG K20 LRA RS501 English Manual


LG K20 LRA VS501 Spanish Manual 


For more LG K20 & K20 Plus Downloads, please visit the LG K20 Download Section.


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