LG K20 Plus lock screen bypass lgmp260 forgot password pattern pin

Are your locked out on your LG K20, K20 v, or K20 Plus due to the forgotten lock screen password, pattern, or pin? Don’t worry you are at the right place.

In no time you’ll be able to use your phone once again. Our first priority should be to restore the phone without doing a reset. The factory reset wipes the internal storage data including apps, games, text, call logs, media files, etc. The data stored on the SD card will remain safe.

So, without wasting time, Let’s proceed with the troubleshooting –

How to bypass LG K20 Plus lock screen? / LG K20 Locked Out

I’m stuck on the LG K20 plus lock screen.

I don’t remember the screen lock password.

After 5 failed attempts, it says to wait for 30 seconds.

I’m hoping to get an account recovery option in the form of “Forgot Password” or “Google Account sign-in”.

Even after 50 failed attempts, only the wait time increased. I didn’t get any account recovery option.

It’s our bad luck. We have to lose internal storage data. We can restore our K20 / K20 v / K20 Plus only by doing a hard reset via the Recovery Mode.


To enter the Recovery Mode on K20 / K20 v / K20 Plus –

  • Power off the phone using the power button located on the back.

  • Once the phone is off, press the volume down & power button to turn on the phone.

  • When the phone vibrates ( or when LG appears on the screen), release the power button for a moment and hold it again. Don’t release the volume down button.

  • Keep holding both the keys, until your K20 is on the “Factory data reset” screen.
  • The above “Factory data reset” screen with a white background is the LG K20 Plus Recovery Mode.

We need to use the volume rocker and power button in the recovery mode.

Move down from “No(Exit)” – “Yes” with the volume down key and press Power to select the “Yes” option.


Repeat the steps once again.

Move down from No to Yes and hit the Power button to initiate the hard reset process.

The phone is being erased now. We need to wait for a few minutes.

Now, we are on the “Welcome” Screen. Tap the “Forward button” to move ahead.

Hit “SKIP” on the “Insert SIM Card” page.

Now, turn on Wi-Fi and connect to the internet.

Tap “NEXT” once you’re connected to the Wi-Fi internet.

Now, we are on the “Set up your LGMP260” page.

Select “Set up as new” to proceed further.

Wait for a while.

It brings us to the “Verify your account” page. This is the Google Verification page. It’s asking for the last synced Google account on this device.

If you remember your Google sign-in credentials, add it now and complete the setup wizard.

In case, you don’t remember the Google account details, follow the below hack to get past Google’s FRP (Factory Reset Protection) screen.

How to Bypass Google Verification on LG K20 / K20 v / K20 Plus – December 2020

To bypass the Google verification screen, go back to the welcome page using the back button as shown above.

On the Welcome page, we need to use both hands –

  • Press and hold the “Emergency Call” button.
  • Keep holding the “Emergency call” option with one finger, and repeatedly click the “Forward Arrow” multiple times in quick succession.

For better understanding, you can refer to the below video –


If done correctly, it’ll bring you to the “AutoNavi & location” page.


An “Improve location accuracy” pop-up shows up on the screen.  Hit “AGREE” to move ahead.

Now it’s asking to turn on location access for all Google apps. Click “Yes” and proceed further.

Tap “NEXT” on the “AutoNavi & location” page.

We are now on the “Legal documents” page.

Tick the “I agree” checkbox and hit “DONE”.

It’s prompting to download the recommended LG apps.

Select “LATER” & then “OK” to skip this step.


Select a “Home” of your choice and click “OK”.

We’ve successfully landed on the LG K20 Plus home screen thus bypassing the lock screen.

This lgmp260 FRP bypass method works even on the latest firmware version.

Let’s check the current K20 Plus firmware in the “Settings” app.


To check the firmware version, we need to Go to “About Phone” > “Software info”.

You can see my K20 Plus plus is running on the latest firmware version MP26011k.


If stuck at any stage, feel free to leave a comment below.


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