LG K20 Plus FRP Bypass/Google Account Bypass LGMP260 2018-2019

Following the below tutorial we can bypass google account (FRP) on any LG K20 Plus, even running on the latest Android firmware i.e mp26010x with Android security patch level February 01, 2018.

However, in case you’re running a recent firmware you’ve to first downgrade your LG K20 Plus software to a lower version before moving further. The below exploit works with mp26010j, so any firmware above this has to be downgraded first.

It’s a lengthy but sure shot method that works every time. We need 2 apk files for this process. Download the zip file from the below link, extract it and transfer the apk files to a micro sd card. Insert the memory card in your LG K20 Plus micro sd slot.


You can also download the files from the play store –

Sidebar Lite

Shortcut Master Lite

How to Bypass Google Verification (FRP) on LG K20 Plus  –


Step 1:  Getting access to phone settings


LG K20 Plus Google account bypass


By doing a hard reset via volume down + power button we are forced to verify the last synced google account before moving further.

To bypass this Google’s Factory Reset Protection (FRP) follow the below procedure.

First of all, we have to move all the way back to the first page of the setup wizard i.e “Welcome” page.

Click on “Accessibility” as shown above


On the accessibility settings page, select the first option i.e “Vision” and Turn ON TalkBack by sliding the toggle from OFF to ON position.

A pop-up will appear. Confirm your action by hitting “TURN ON”. Now talkback is ON

Swipe and make an L as shown above.

This will open “Global Context Menu”

Look for “Talkback Settings” and double-click to open it.

When we are on Talkback Settings page, we’ll suspend talkback.

To do this press both the Volume UP and DOWN button simultaneously.  Confirm your action by tapping “OK”.

Now scroll down to “Help & feedback” and click on it to open.


Tap on “About Switch Access for Android” to open this page.

Now, scroll down and look for “set up Switch Access on your Android device” and tap on it, as shown above.

This will take us to another page. Now again scroll down and look for “connecting to Bluetooth devices” , select it to open another Help page.


Scroll all the way down where it asks “Was this article helpful?” and select “NO”

Now in the text box type anything and double tap on it as shown above.

You can see the options are Cut, Copy, Paste, and a “3 dots” icon. Tap on the “3 dots” icon.


This will reveal a new option “ASSIST” click on it this will take us to the Google App.

Here type Settings and select the “Settings” icon from the drop-down search results as shown above.

Step 2: Disabling  Android Device Manager, Google Play Services & Setup Wizard.

In Settings, we’ve to scroll down and open ” Fingerprint & Security”.

Now select “Phone administrators”. Here you can see the “Android Device Manager” is ON. We’ve to turn it OFF.

Deactivate the “Android Device Manager” and go back to the settings page.

Now open “Apps” among the list of options.

On “Apps” page, tap on the “3 dots” icon at the top right corner and select “Show system”.

Now we’ve to scroll down and open “Google Play Services”

We’ll “Force Stop” and “Disable” Google Play Services.

Move on to Next Page (Page 2) –

51 thoughts on “LG K20 Plus FRP Bypass/Google Account Bypass LGMP260 2018-2019

    • Yøu have to hold it down for a long pause. But……. if it does not the you need to do a hard factory reset then start over and I’ll bet ya wtf ever you wanna bet that it will fix your prob. I know this cause mine did the same sh@t and that was what fixxed it!

  1. I got to the …connecting to Bluetooth devices. I clicked pn it and it went to the next page. I scrolled down to bottom of page and clicked on NO in the was this article helpful box. Then I typed various letters in the How can we improve it box and tapped on it twice to highlight it and I got. Cut. Copy and 3 dots. I clicked on 3 dots and it says arrow left or back, Paste, and Select All. There is no Assist word to click on to take me to the Google page loke it’s suposed to. What am I doing wrong?

    • i thing i might be able to help, search “settings” and go through with the search, then there should be a little bar under the search bar, slide it to the end till you see “in apps”. if you typed it right, the settings app should pop up!

  2. If I’m working with t-Mobile’s LG K20, do I need to use a different firmware (as opposed to using MetroPCS firmware?

  3. WOOOOOOOW, It really works, it’s a bit confusing but it works, I had an error when starting with the symbol, in Gmail notifications, but I solved it by stopping gmail and erasing data, again active, I did the same procedure of pretion with the circle and everything worked correctly, thank you very much and greetings, keep it that way.

  4. So today is 8/1/18 and Im here to tell that this tutorial ISN’T AN OLD OR DEAD!!
    Soooo like did ya hear me yall (even go so far as to say yun’s) IT FOR REALLY REAL WORKS! Cause trust me I feel ya, it gets to a point where ya start mentally (or outloud even) tha peoples on the net cause it starts feeling like they are posting bulls:#it FRP removal videos & tutorials just to be random pri%ks! But I’m hear to tell yall, IM just a regular ole dumb hick from Tennessee who has NEVER EVER FU%KIN EVER been able to even successfully been able to even root a damn phone(still haven’t) let alone get an FRP bypass cheat to work correctly. This one if you follow it exactly the way this Saint of the Cellhack says and it is LG-MP260 …… it will work I promise!

  5. When I get to the 3 dots, my only choices are to cut, copy or select all. Plz help me…what would my next step need to be????

  6. Same here – followed through, step by step – and no three dots. Only “cut / copy / select all” so I’m at a loss here. Help!!

  7. BRAVO BRO!!!!!
    Very kind of you in a sick world like the one today… you were brilliant in documenting and providing precise instructions

    lots of efforts and hard work from you


  8. Made it all the way through and when it came time to hit the next button and back button then next again and suppose to take u to home screen, well it never went past the Wi-Fi part so n other words i never got the home screen.

  9. I get to the part where you type something in the box and double tap and push the three white dots I do it and I dont see assist

  10. I believe I’ve used this method on my phone once before and it worked very well; unfortunately, I didn’t learn my lesson and have had to have you come to my rescue once again. However, I can’t complete it this time around because, after making the L shape on the screen, clicking settings, then suspending TalkBack, I click Help & feedback, just like in your turorial, but instead of opening the page that is shown on the screen in the tutorial above, it opens a page that is titled “Get started on Android with TalkBack” (I have an image that I’ll attach to this comment in the following information bar for entering a website) and i can’t go any further. I thought that maybe my phone had somehow managed to update itself, so I factory reset it again via the keys when it was powered off, but I’m still brought to this Getting started on Android with TalkBack directly after the factory reset. Am I doing something wrong up until this point? Please advise! Thank you so much for this tutorial, by the way, you’re amazingly helpful!

  11. I sincerely apologize, I actually got it past that point and am now having the same problem everyone else, where I don’t see the 3 dots after typing and selecting in the box for feedback… I’ll go check what you advised them. Again, thanks so much!

  12. if im not getting the three dots…just cut, copy and select all….am i doing something wrong? its on metroPCS talkback version 5.2.0

  13. I’m stuck in the same situation of no 3 dots, cut /copy/paste/select all..
    Don’t know where to go from there… Don’t have the last google account sunk in the phone and can’t get past it to wipe and use like new.. Help please?

  14. BADASS! This works. I almost had my doubts on the last step trying to crash the setup wiz to get to the home screen. BOOOM! Sh!t works!

  15. And finally it worked….THANKS @ADMIN you are Amazing with detailed and precised step by step info.
    I initially missed the Gmail notification icon but i later did a hard reset and went through the process again. and got to the legal page …Tapped on the link twice…took me to Gmail icon and the rest of the steps went well till the final step of Fast tapping NEXT AND BACK BUTTON. Ana vualla..i landed on HOME SCREEN. did a factory reset and its all done. Thanks to every one who supported with comments.

  16. Steps are VERY easy to miss, read each step CAREFULLY. To me the steps could be better highlighted.
    But downgrade the phone was the biggest challenge, now I can do that in my sleep. And I redid it a few times, after I missed a step.
    But the last step is really tricky, try this SEVERAL times

  17. Holy WOW. Thank you so much!!!! It worked. It freekin worked. It was LOOONG and laborious, but by following every single step (after, of course, downgrading so I could get the damn 3 dots! haha!) it worked 100% perfectly. You are the absolute coolest bestest everest!!!

  18. everything works fine till I get to the optout@lge.com, when getting to the Gmail section, tab on notifications, get the (i) notification, when click it to get to gmail setting, page never open, what should I do.

  19. it works if you follow every step to the “T”. At first i wasnt getting the 3 dots like everyone else in comments until i did the downgrade then followed the steps again and it worked..im on the home screen….if after downgrading you get to a password screen that says you have 30 attempts to ener the password just do a hard factory reset…(turn off phone hold VOL DOWN and POWER till you see lg logo, then quickly let go of power then hit it again and hold both until you get to factory reset screen…) after the reset the password screen wont be there and you can proceed with the steps……….Thanks Alot Man!!!!

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