LG K20 Plus LGMP260 Device Unlock Code MetroPCS

LG K20 Plus cannot be unlocked with an unlock code. You shouldn’t waste your money in buying codes. There is no way to enter an unlock code. In case of at&t phones, we’re prompted to enter a code if sim card of another carrier is inserted. However, it’s not the case with Metro PCS phones including the K20 Plus.

Here we’ve got a device unlock app pre-installed on the phone. You’ll find it in MetroPCS apps folder on the home screen. Now if you’ll try to unlock a newly purchased k20 plus phone it won’t let you unlock, the eligibility criteria here is an active service period of at least 180 days. Earlier it was 90 days which has now been increased to 6 months.

I got my K20 plus from eBay with 1-month unlimited plan. I didn’t renew the plan after its expiry, but to my surprise after 90 days when I tried the device unlock app my phone got unlocked permanently. I unlocked around 2 months ago.

You can also give this method a try, it may unlock your K20 plus for free –

How to Unlock LG K20 Plus MetroPCS


lgmp260 unlock


On the home screen, tap on the “MetroPCS” folder as shown above.

Look for the “Device Unlock” app and click on it to launch.

To check whether your device is eligible for unlocking or not, select “CONTINUE”.

Make sure you’re connected to the internet. Wifi would work as well.


LG K20 Plus Unlock Code

Its Connecting to server, we’ve to wait for a while

Tap on “Permanent Unlock” to start the unlocking process.

Now it’s requesting for a permanent unlock. If your k20 plus is eligible then it’ll get unlocked permanently and never lock again.

However, if the eligibility criterion is not met, you’ll see an “Unlock Failed” message.


LG K20 Plus Device Unlock Free

Luckily in my case, the unlock was approved.

You can see it in the first screenshot above ” Unlock Approved: Mobile Device is Permanently Unlock”.

I restarted the phone. Now on opening the MetroPCS folder, i noticed that the “Device Unlock” app is gone as its no more needed.

I got my k20 plus unlocked just by paying for the first month of service. And that also I got for free along with the cell phone.

If you don’t wish to wait for 6 months to unlock you K20 Plus, you can always purchase the paid app unlock service from eBay. Nowadays it has got cheaper. Few months ago it was for around $25 but now you can get your K20 Plus unlocked for around $10.

For T-Mobile K20 Plus you’ve to shell out a lot more. It costs around $60 to unlock a T-Mobile K20 Plus.

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12 thoughts on “LG K20 Plus LGMP260 Device Unlock Code MetroPCS

  1. Worked just like you stated. Really appreciate finding this post as it saved me quite a bit of hassle. Only thing I’ve noticed so far is that it told me to reboot to apply the new unlocked settings. Did so, clicked on device unlock again to verify and it says it hasn’t been applied yet and to reboot again but the request to unlock WAS approved by the server

  2. I have had 2 Metro PCS LG K20 plus phones on their service for 2 1/2 years. I recently switched service from Metro to Consumer Cellular using different phones I had (former Verizon, Samsung S-5s). I have been trying to unlock both LG phones for a week now. I have gone to 2 of their stores, including a company owned store, with no success. Using the unlock device app, I was first getting the message that the phones were not eligible for unlocking. The rep at their company store told me I should have unlocked them before closing my account, because now they have none of my records in their computer system. She emailed customer service for me. I have not heard back from them yet. I also put in an service order request on their website. They sent me 2 unlock codes to use with the new service’s sim cards. My wife’s phone unlocked right away last night with the original Metro PCS sim card still installed-no code needed. My phone, however, keeps getting the message back, with either sim card, “Unlock Failed” reboot the device and try again. I have tried it over probably 50 times yesterday and today with the same result. I even tried it with no sim card. The “Unlock Failed” message is all I get, it will not prompt me for the unlock code with the new sim card installed like it should. Any idea how to get it unlocked??

  3. My lg k20plus was able to unlock but it wont work with straight talk sim when i switched.I’m getting “emergency only” when i tried to make a call.Did i miss something?

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