LG K20 Plus – How to Enable USB Debugging and Developer options

USB Debugging and OEM unlock needs to be turned on within the developer options to unlock the bootloader of LG K20 Plus. However, if you’ll look for developer options in Settings, you won’t find it anywhere.

In the earlier versions of Android, developer mode had quite a few options so it was kept visible by default. Since Lollipop, many more features are added which are meant for developers only and a normal user can do more harm than good by messing up with these settings. So keeping in mind the majority of the users its kept hidden but can be enabled quite easily with few taps on Build Number. Let’s see how to do this.


How to enable USB Debugging on LG K20 Plus



LG K20 Plus Enable Developer Options

To enable Developer Options, Click on the “Settings” icon on the home screen.

In Settings, select the “General” Tab and scroll down towards the bottom.

The last option you’ll find there is “About Phone”. Select it to open.


LG K20 Plus You are now a developer

Now click on “Software info” and look for Build number

We’ve to tap Build number 7 times to activate developer options.

Once done, it’ll say “You are now a developer!” as shown in the screenshot above.

LG K20 Plus Developer Options

Now go 2 steps back to the main settings page.

Here you’ll notice above “About Phone” a new option is visible which is “Developer options”.

LG K20 Plus Enable USB Debugging

Tap on it to open. As we’re opening it for the first time it’ll display a warning. Accept it to move further.

Now in “developer options” we’re interested in 2 things which are USB Debugging and OEM unlock.


Before turning ON “USB Debugging” make sure that your K20 Plus is not connected to PC. It would be greyed out and won’t let you enable if connected to the computer.



LG K20 Plus Enable OEM Unlock

Now look for “Enable OEM unlock” and toggle it to ON position as shown above.

If we’ve to unlock LG K20 Plus bootloader OEM unlock must be turned ON along with USB Debugging.

However, you must note that by turning on OEM unlock, Google’s Factory Reset Protection (FRP) gets disabled, that means you won’t be prompted to verify your last synced google account if doing a hard reset with Volume Down and Power button combination.

Once you unlock the bootloader of your LG K20 Plus you cannot turn off “OEM Unlock” unless you relock the bootloader.

Now that we’ve turned on USB Debugging and OEM unlock we’re ready to Unlock LG K20 Plus Bootloader.

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12 thoughts on “LG K20 Plus – How to Enable USB Debugging and Developer options

  1. I have a Metro PCS LG K20 Plus.

    The “USB Debugging” option is grayed out.

    Also, when I look at my phone in Windows 10 file manager, the device show up, but it is empty (no files or directories).

    Is there anything further that I can do to enable USB debugging? Are there USB phone-to-PC mirroring options that do not required “USB Debugging” mode?

  2. I am still Google’s Bitch lol no luck still with the elusive 3 dots that lead to setting’s Utopia where I can access developer options and all these things that magically bypass this stupid thing. Can someone please shed some light on what I can try now? I was able to access google through terms and login with my account. My account recognizes I am logged into the LG? Still no luck getting phone past Google’s verification. I’ve been at this for a couple days straight now. Couple weeks or so off and on. What happened to the 2 files I downloaded to microSD card? The ones that I was instructed to extract and boot phone from? The article goes on where I couldn’t, to access and edit the settings, and never mentions the microSD card and files? I thought for sure would be the key to solving this mystery??? Please help.

  3. I have a Verizon LG K20 Plus. Everything was going fine until I noticed “Enable OEM Unlock” is not listed under Developer options. USB Debugging is & I turned it on. Now what?

    • That shows Verizon K20 v has a locked bootloader & it cannot be unlocked. Sorry, that’s the case with most of the Verizon Smartphones.

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