LG K20 Plus Firmware Download – Latest Stock ROM – MP260 / TP260

We can upgrade or downgrade Android Firmware on LG K20 plus using the LGUP flashing tool. In this post were going to download & install LG K20 Plus stock firmware for MetroPCS MP260 & T-Mobile TP260.

Download the firmware and learn how to flash it using the LGUP tool using the step by step tutorial with screenshots. So, Lets’ get going

The current latest firmware version for LG K20 Plus MetroPCS is MP26011k. You can download it from the below download link. If you own T-Mobile K20 Plus then download the respective firmware file.


LG K20 Plus Firmware Download MP26011k_00_1130.kdz MetroPCS


LG K20 Plus Firmware Download TP26010y_00_0208 .kdz T-Mobile 


We need to download a few additional files for flashing –

LG Mobile Driver_WHQL_Ver_4.4.2.exe


LGUP Dual Mode.zip  –  Download and extract the zip file on your computer. Thanks to smitel@xda for modifying the LGUP tool



How to Flash a Stock Firmware on LG K20 Plus using LGUP

Let’s divide the whole process into 4 steps

STEP 1: Installing the LG K20 USB Driver

Before connecting your phone, install the downloaded LG Mobile Driver v4.4.2 on your computer.



Click “Next ” & follow the on-screen prompts to complete the driver installation.

STEP 2: Booting K20 into Download Mode


Now, connect your phone to PC in Download Mode –

To boot your K20 Plus into download mode –

Power off your Phone

Insert one end of Micro USB data cable to your phone.  Press the Volume UP button.


Keep the Volume UP key pressed and connect the other end of the USB Data cable to your computer.

You K20 Plus must be now in the Download Mode similar to the screenshot above.

STEP 3: Loading the LGUP Flashing Tool

Now open the extracted LGUP_DualMode folder to view the files.

Tap “LGUP_Store_Frame_Ver_1_14_3” setup file to install LGUP on your computer

Hit, “Finish” to complete the “LGUP for store” installation.

Right-Click “SetUser” and select “Run as administrator” as shown above.

Now double-click the “LGUPG” file to load LGUP flashing tool.

STEP 4: Flashing LG K20 Stock Firmware using LGUP

Select the “BIN File” row as visible in the screenshot above.


Click on the “3 dots” icon to browse for the downloaded kdz firmware file for flashing.

Go the folder where the file is located, Select & “Open” it in LGUP as shown above.

You can see the kdz file is visible as “LG K20 Plus MetoPCS Stock Firmware MP26011k_00_1130.kdz” in LGUP

Now we’re ready to flash this file on our LG K20 Plus.

Make sure to download the LG K20 Plus T-Mobile firmware file if you own the T-Mobile variant with model number TP260.


Now change the “Process” from “REFURBISH” to “UPGRADE” and click “START” to initiate firmware upgrade.


Don’t mess with your phone and computer until the process is complete. You can check the progress in LGUP as well as on your phone screen.

In LGUP the Progress shows 78% and the phone has rebooted. The flashing the done but wait until the Progress changes to 100%.


Now it says 100% “COMPLETE!”. We’ve successfully flashed the latest firmware file on our LG K20 Plus.

To downgrade your LG K20 Plus for FRP Bypass follow this guide – LG K20 Plus Downgrade Tutorial


If facing any issue, please leave a comment below.









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