LG K20 Plus Download Mode,Recovery Mode & Safe Mode-MP260/TP260



To boot your K20 Plus in Safe Mode –


When the phone is ON, “Long press” the Power button

LG K20 Plus Safe Mode

Among the list of options, “Long Press” the first option i.e “Power off”

Tap on “TURN ON” to reboot the phone in Safe Mode.

You can notice “Safe mode” in the bottom left corner. It’ll remain there until the time we’re in safe mode.

If the phone is working normally in safe mode without any issues that means some 3rd party app is the culprit.

LG MP260 Safe Mode

In safe mode, no downloaded apps will show up, but they can be uninstalled.

For example, let’s delete MX Player app by going to Settings < Apps < MX Player.

You can see I’ve uninstalled MX Player.

Now I’ll boot the phone normally and check if the issue is gone or not. This way by trial and error we can restore our phone back to the normal working state without losing any data.


To exit safe mode, pull down the notification bar and tap on “Safe Mode in ON”

Now select “TURN OFF” to reboot the phone in normal mode.

Alternatively, you can just “Power off and restart” with the help of Power Key.

When the phone will restart it’ll be out of the Safe Mode.


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  1. My lgk20 plus phone is just frozen it shows life but it stays at boot up screen and fastboot doesn’t work and on charger screen it shows a empty battery with a loading image in the middle of the battery

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