LG K20 Plus Download Mode,Recovery Mode & Safe Mode-MP260/TP260

The three most significant modes of troubleshooting on LG K20 Plus are Safe Mode, Recovery Mode, and Download Mode. You shouldn’t perform any hardware repair until you’ve exhausted these 3 modes of troubleshooting.

In this post, we’ll learn how to enter safe mode, recovery mode, download mode and how to get the most out of them to fix any software related issue on our K20 Plus.

LG K20 Plus MP260/TP260 Recovery Mode

As the suggests, recovery mode is used to recover the phone back to the normal working state.

The recovery mode comes into play when you’re locked out.

If you’ve forgotten your lock screen password, pin, pattern or knock code and even your recovery email is not letting you in, then your last resort is hard reset via recovery mode.

We’ve to use the hardware keys (Volume Down + Power) to boot into recovery mode. Let’s see how to do this –


To enter the LG K20 Plus recovery mode –

Power OFF your phone

Press the Volume Down + Power button, as soon as the LG logo appears on the screen, temporarily release the power button and hold it again.


LG K20 Plus Recovery Mode

Now, keep on holding the Power + Volume Down button until you’re on the Factory Data Reset screen as visible in the screenshot above.

This white Factory data reset screen is the recovery mode.

In recovery mode, touch doesn’t work.

There are only 2 options “No(Exit) and “Yes”. To move up and down, we’ve to use the volume keys and to confirm our selection we can press the power key.

So, in order to perform a hard reset move down to “Yes” with volume down key and confirm with the Power button.

On the next screen, again move down to “Yes” and press the power key to initiate the hard reset process.

This step will erase all your data stored on the internal storage (phone memory). However, if you’re locked out then this is the only way out.


LG K20 Plus MP260/TP260 Download Mode

We need to enter download mode to flash stock firmware / ROM –

Stock ROM can help you in restoring your bricked K20 plus back to the working state.

Stock firmware can also be flashed to upgrade or downgrade the current firmware.

It can also unroot your K20 Plus back to stock condition for warranty reasons.


To boot your K20 Plus in Download Mode –

Power OFF your phone


Insert one end of the USB data cable to your K20 Plus. Press the Volume UP button.


Without releasing the Volume UP key,  connect the other end of the USB data cable to the computer.

LG K20 Plus Download Mode

The phone will boot into Download Mode with a dark background as shown above.

After few seconds the display message will change from “Download Mode” to “Firmware Update”

We are now ready to flash a K20 plus stock firmware in Download Mode.

LG K20 Plus Safe Mode

In Safe mode downloaded 3rd party apps are disabled. If your K20 plus is acting abnormally such as overheating or slowing down. Then before doing a factory data reset, we can check in safe mode if some installed app is the cause of this trouble.

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