LG K20 Plus Change Color / Color Settings

We can change the screen color on LG K20 & K20 Plus.  There’s a setting for screen color adjustment with 3 preset color settings which are Protanomaly (Red-Green), Dueteranomaly (Red-Green) & Tritanomaly (Blue-Yellow).  There’s also a manual mode where you can slide your finger and set the color as per your liking.

Let’s check out how to change screen color on LG K20 with the help of the below screenshots & video –


How to Change Color on LG K20 Plus

Open “Settings” on your LG K20 or K20 Plus

Go to the “General” Tab and select “Accessibility” to open it

Now click on the first option i.e “Vision” as shown above.


In Vision, look for “Screen color adjustment” and select it to open

Move the slider towards the right to turn on “Screen color adjustment”.

Let’s check the Manual Mode first which is the last option on this page.

Select it and adjust the screen color by dragging your finger horizontally.

The preset color modes are Protanomaly (Red-Green), Dueteranomaly (Red-Green) & Tritanomaly (Blue-Yellow).


Only Tritanomaly looked different from the regular shade. So, Let’s check out this color mode.

You can notice the difference in the above screenshots.


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