LG K20 Plus Black and White Screen – Fix

Have you accidentally turned your LG K20 Plus Screen to Black and White? If yes, then you’ve either turned on Comfort View or Color Inversion on your LG K20.

Let’s do the troubleshooting and restore your K20 screen back to the normal state.

LG K20 Stuck in Black and White – How to Fix

Troubleshooting Step 1: Disable Comfort View


In the above screenshot, you can notice my K20 Plus screen has turned Black and White.

In this case, Comfort View is enabled on my K20 plus.

To disable Comfort View, Go to Settings < Display < Comfort View and Turn it OFF as shown in the screenshots above.


You can also turn off Color Inversion will the help of the shortcut in the notification panel.

Pull down the notification panel and tap “Comfort view” to disable it.

Troubleshooting Step 2: Disable Color Inversion

You can see the above screenshots taken on my LG K20 Plus with Color Inversion being enabled.

To disable color inversion, Go to Settings < Accessibility < Vision< and look for Screen Color Inversion.

Tap “Screen color inversion” to disable it.

Alternatively, you can disable Color Inversion by pulling down the notification panel. There you should see a shortcut to enable or disable “Color Inversion”, tap it to disable Screen Color Inversion.

The above steps should have restored your K20 / K20 Plus Screen back to the normal state.

If it’s still not fixed then also check whether “High contrast screen” is turned on, by going to Settings < Accessibility < Vision and look for High Contrast Screen, its just above the “Screen Color inversion” as visible in the above screenshot.
Click on it to disable “High Contrast Screen”.


Please share what worked for you via the comment section below.

4 thoughts on “LG K20 Plus Black and White Screen – Fix

  1. Its not putting color back into anything i look at our watch everything ia viewing in black and white even movies and vides

    • That happens when Screen Color Inversion is enabled. To disable it Go to Settings < Accessibility < Vision < Screen Color Inversion

  2. Thank you so much this worked!this is my grandmother’s phone and I wasn’t sure what she touched but sure enough it was in comfort view mode color changed

  3. Hey thank you so much. I have an LGK20Plus & don’t typically lock my screen. While it was in my pocket it somehow turned on comfort view. That was it .. Thank you

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