Is LG K30 mhl compatible, 5G, waterproof, qi enabled, a good phone?

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K30 is a budget smartphone. It offers decent features for the price. In the MetroPCS lineup, it falls between LG Aristo 3 & Stylo 4. Let’s find out what is present and what is missing in K30 –


LG K30 Features

1. Is LG K30 Waterproof / Water-Resistant?

Waterproof phones are usually unibody in design and their external ports (Headphone Jack & Charging Port) are covered with a flap.  This ensures that water cannot reach the insides of the phone even when exposed to water.

Some phones are Splash-Resistant. They have a water-repellent surface.

LG K30 is neither Splash-Resistant nor Water-Repellant. It does have a non-removable battery, but the headphone jack and USB Charging Port is exposed. Water can easily get in from here and damage the phone.

2. Is LG K30 MHL Compatible / HDMI Compatible

A standard HDMI port is quite big in size. It won’t fit in a compact smartphone. Micro HDMI / MHL  & Slimport were introduced to cater to this issue.

Using this technology we can mirror the phone screen on TV without an internet connection. The wired connection maintains the frame rate to a good extent. The only drawback is that it eats the phone battery quite quickly.

Now the bad news is that most of the newer phones in including LG K30 are not MHL / HDMI compatible. Nowadays wireless screen mirroring (Miracast) is gaining popularity.

I was not able to mirror LG K30 to the TV using an MHL / HDMI adapter.

3. Is LG K30 Qi Compatible / Qi-Enabled / compatible with wireless charging

In the true sense, qi or wireless charging is still a wired charging. The only convenience is that instead of inserting the charging cable in port, you need to just place the phone on the charging pad.

The charging pad remains connected to the power outlet. Adding this feature to a budget phone such as K30 would raise its cost unnecessarily. As of now, this feature is offered in limited high-end smartphones.

The good news is that we can enable wireless charging on K30 quite easily. There are branded 3rd party wireless chargers that can do the job very well.

How to enable Wireless Charging on LG K30

4. Is LG K30 a Good Phone?

LG K30 & K40
LG K30 (Left) & LG K40 (Right)

Considering the price vs features, LG K30 looks like a good phone. However, its successor i.e. K40 is way better.

By paying a little extra, you get more powerful hardware, NFC, Notification Light, Android Pie, Selfie Flash and a bigger 18:9 display with almost the same dimensions.

For a more detailed comparison between the 2,  check out this post

5. Is LG K30 a Smartphone?

LG K30 is an android smartphone in the budget range. It’s Software Version is Android Oreo 8.1.0.

A smartphone offers similar functionality as a windows computer. We can install apps and games, stream videos, browse the internet and run multiple apps at once.

6. Is LG K30 Compatible with Fitbit?

Fitbit compatibility is a hit and miss for most of the budget LG Smartphones.

Even though it says it’s compatible with android phones running Nougat and higher, if your phone is not included in supported phones list, you may face issues.

As far as LG smartphones are concerned, only 3 phones are fully tested for compatibility. They are LG G6, V8 & V10.

If the connection between your Fitbit Device & K30 is not stable, you can check out this workaround –

How I synced my Stylo 4 Android 8.1 to Versa


7. Is LG K30 Dual SIM?


LG K30 is a single sim phone. Dual sim phones are not that popular in the USA. Or we may say the cellphone carriers are not eager to offer such a provision.

LG K30 has a single sim slot and a memory card slot.

8. Is LG K30 Battery Removable?

LG K30 has a non-removable battery. The back cover is made up of metal and is non-removable.

LG K30 Manual says “Do NOT attempt to remove the back cover”. This device has a non-removable battery.


There is another Warning which says, battery replacement by non-qualified professional can cause damage to your device.


9. Is the LG K30 Compatible with Fortnite?

I have tried to download and install the Fortnite app on LG k30. There’s a dedicated post on this. Please check out the below link –

Fortnite on LG K30

10. Is the LG K30 5G Compatible?

5G is a new technology in the smartphone world. At present, there are few phones which are 5G compatible.

When talking about LG android smartphones, only 2 phones are 5G compatible as of now. LG V50 and V60 are 5G compatible. Both of these are high-end devices.

Few months down the line we should see this technology in budget LG phones as well.


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