How to unlock LG K31 forgot password – Rebel l355dl lmk300

LG K31 is a budget android smartphone that comes with Android 10 out of the box.

There are 3 versions of K31 in the USA based on different carriers. First came the factory unlocked K31 which supports all the major service providers in the USA. Later, K31 Rebel Tracfone & K31 Spectrum Mobile were released. Out of the 3 variants, only K31 rebel lacks a fingerprint sensor.

In this post, we are going to learn how to unlock an LG K31 phone when locked out due to a forgotten password, PIN, or Pattern.

When locked out, you need to hard reset your K31 using the volume down + power buttons via the recovery mode. To enter recovery mode we need to turn off the phone. However, on K31 it doesn’t let your power off or restart the phone until you unlock the screen with the correct PIN, Pattern, or Password.

So, how to unlock the phone and reach the home screen when locked out on K31? Let’s find out with the help of the below troubleshooting guide –

How to unlock LG K31 Rebel without Password, Pattern, PIN – Tracfone/Straight Talk l355dl Factory Unlocked lmk300qma, Spectrum Mobile lmk300qm6

I want to unlock the LG K31 screen but I don’t remember the correct password.


I kept on trying in the hope to get a recovery option in the form of “Forgot Password” or “Google account sign-in”. However, only the wait time kept increasing after every few failed attempts.

Now, our only option to recover the phone is hard reset using the volume down + power keys.

To reset the device we need to power it off.


It’s not letting me turn off the phone without unlocking the screen.


The same thing happens when you try to restart the phone. It shows an error – “Unlock the phone to restart”.

Our last resort is a force restart.


Press and hold the power & volume down keys until the phone restarts.


During the restart as soon as the LG logo / LG K31 logo shows up, release the power button for a moment and press it again. Do not leave the volume down button.

Keep pressing both the buttons until you land on the “Factory data reset” page.



We have reached the LG K31 recovery mode.

Use the volume rocker and power keys to reset your K31 device.

Tap the volume key to move from “No(Exit)” to “Yes”. Now, select “Yes” with the power button.



Again move down from “No(Exit)” to “Yes” with the volume key.

Now, click the power key to initiate the factory reset process. It takes a few minutes time.


After a while, I’ve reached the “Welcome” page of the setup wizard.

Click the forward button to proceed further. Hit “Next” on the “New Second Screen” page.



Now, we need to connect our K31 to a Wifi network.

After connecting to the internet, it’s checking for updates.



Now, it brings me to the “Copy apps & data” screen. Click “Don’t copy” to move ahead.

We are once again on the screen lock verification page. This time there is one more option – “USE MY GOOGLE ACCOUNT INSTEAD”.

As I don’t remember the password I picked the alternate option.

Now, sign in with the previously synced Google account and follow the on-screen prompts to reach the LG K31 home screen.

In case you don’t remember the last synced Google account,  follow the below method to bypass the FRP lock –

How to bypass Google lock on LG K31 Rebel Tracfone l355dl lmk300 FRP Bypass Android 10 2021 2022 without computer




To bypass the Google lock, go 2 steps back from the “Google – Verify your account” page to the “Set Internet Connection” screen with the back button.



Now, hit the “Wifi button” and the “Next button” at the same time.

On pressing both the buttons simultaneously, it’ll bring you to the “Google Services” page. Tap “More” to proceed.

Accept the Google services terms and conditions.


Now, we have reached the “Secure your phone” screen.

Choose “Set up only pattern, PIN, or Password” and click “Next”.

This brings us to the “Protect your phone” screen.

Using this page we can add a new Pattern, PIN, or Password. This new lock will replace the old lock screen password.

I’ve picked the “PIN” option.

Let’s set up an easy-to-remember PIN code 1234 as shown above.


A confirmation message shows up at the bottom – “Screen lock has been changed”.



After changing the screen lock we are once again on the “Set Internet Connection” screen.

Turn on Wifi and click “Next” to proceed.


Hit “Don’t copy” when you reach the “Copy apps & data” page.

This time it skipped the screen lock verification screen and directly took me to the “Google – Verify your account” screen. We need the “Verify PIN” option to bypass the Google lock. 

We can restore that page by doing a hard reset one more time via the recovery mode. 


Power off your LG K31 device to enter recovery mode.

When the phone is off, press & hold the volume down & power keys.

As soon as the LG Logo/LG K31 logo shows up, release only the power button for a moment and hold it again. Do not leave the volume down key.

Keep pressing both the keys to enter Recovery mode.


Go down from “No(Exit)” to “Yes” with the volume button. Now tap the power key to select “Yes”.


Repeat the previous steps.

Again go down from No to Yes and hit the power key to reset your K31 device.


After the reset, we are once again on the “Welcome” page.

Click the “forward arrow” to proceed.

Now, tap “Next” on the “New Second Screen” page.


Connect your device to a Wi-fi network and click “Next”.



Tap “Don’t copy” when you reach the “Copy apps & data” screen.

This time it brings me to the “Verify PIN” screen.

We are going to use the PIN code we set up a few steps ago i.e. 1234

Enter the PIN and hit “OK”.


The PIN verification is successful. We have bypassed the Google lock.

Use the “Skip” option to get past the Google sign-in screen.



Now, we have reached the Google services page.

Tap “Accept” to proceed further.



The last screen of the setup wizard is “Legal Documents”.

Tick the “I agree” checkbox and click “Done” to complete the setup wizard.




We have successfully landed on the LG K31 home screen thus unlocking the lock screen without password.

If you’re stuck at any step, feel free to leave a comment below.

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