Google Pixel 3 FRP Bypass 2021 Android 11 Google account – 3a xl

Google Pixel 3 came with Android 9 in 2018. However, now it’s updated to the latest Android 12.

In this post, we are going to learn how to bypass the Google account verification on Pixel 3/3a using the latest and easiest hack without using a computer.

The Factory Reset Protection (FRP) becomes effective when you hard reset the phone using the volume down & power keys via Recovery Mode.

We use the recovery mode to reset a locked phone. To claim ownership of the device we need to sign in with the previously synced Google account.

Let’s use the latest 2021 method to bypass the Google verification on Pixel 3/3a Android 11 in a few minutes as follows –

After doing a hard factory reset using the volume down + power buttons on Pixel 3, I’ve reached the “Hi There” screen.

This is the first page of the setup wizard.

Tap “START” to begin the device setup.


In the next step, we need to connect our phone to a Wifi network.

After getting connected, it stays on the “Getting your phone ready” screen for a while.


The next page is the “Copy apps & data” page. Choose “Don’t copy” to move ahead.

Now, it brings us to the screen lock verification page.

Here we need to enter the password. I don’t remember the password. I’ve chosen the alternate option – “Use my Google account instead”.



This time we are on the Google verification screen. It’s asking to sign in with the previously synced Google account on this device.

Let’s use the latest 2021 method to bypass the Google verification on Google Pixel 3/3a  –

How to bypass Google lock verification FRP on Google Pixel 3 & 3A without computer 2021 Android 11



In the first step, we need to go back from the “Verify your account” page to the “Connect to Wifi” screen. Use the back key to go back.


We are now on the “Connect to Wifi” page.

Go to  “See all Wifi networks” > “Add new network”.


The keyboard has appeared on the screen.

Tap the microphone icon located at the top-right corner of the keyboard & choose “DENY” when prompted.

Repeat the above steps.

Tap the “Mic icon” and choose “Deny”.


We need to do this one last time.

Hit the mic icon and click “Allow” as visible in the above screenshot.



This brings us to the “Gboard – App Info” screen.

Select “Permissions” to reach the “App Permissions” page.

Now, touch the search icon at the top-right corner.


Enter the term settings in the search bar and scroll down to the bottom of the screen.

Select the last option on the page – “Settings – App Info” as shown above.


On the Settings App Info page, tap “Open” to launch the Settings app.

In Settings – Go to “Apps & notifications” > “App Info”.


Using the App Info screen, we are going to disable 2 apps – Android Setup & Google Play Services.

First, open the Andriod Setup app.



Force Stop this app as shown above.


Now, go back and open the “Google Play Services” app.

Tap the “Disable” button to turn off this app.


Click “Force Stop” after disabling the app.


After turning off both the apps, go back to the first page of the Settings app.


Go 2 steps back using the back button.



Now, click on “Accessibility” > “Accessibility Menu” as shown above.



Turn on the Accessibility Menu shortcut and hit “Allow” when prompted.


We are going to use this shortcut button later.

Go back to the first page using the back key.


Keep going back until you reach the “Hi There” screen.


Tap the “Start” button on the “Hi There” page to move ahead.


The next screen is “Copy apps & data”. 

When you reach this page, click the back button once. 


This will bring us to the “Connect to Wifi” screen.

There is a new option – “Setup up offline”.

Click on “Set up offline” and then hit “Continue”.

The phone now stays on the “Just a sec” screen.

Tap the accessibility menu shortcut located at the bottom-right corner.

Now, choose the first option – “Assistant”.


Tap “Settings” and hit the “Enable” button on the Google play services page.




After enabling the Google Play Services app tap the back button to reach the “Connect to Wifi” screen.



We are once again on the “Connect to Wifi” screen.

Select “Set up offline” and then “Continue”.



This time it directly brings us to the Google Services page. We have bypassed the Google Verification screen.

Accept the Google Services terms and conditions to proceed further.



Skip the Screen lock setup. We can do it later.

We have successfully landed on the Pixel 3/3a home screen thus bypassing the Google account verification.



Now, let’s disable the Accessibility Menu shortcut.

Open the Settings app and Go to “Accessibility” > “Accessibility Menu.




Tap the “Accessibility Menu Shortcut” button to disable this option.


If stuck at any stage, feel free to leave a comment below.


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