How to Find Hidden Apps on LG K20 / How to hide apps on LG K20 Plus?

Hiding an app is quite easy on LG K20. I would have been more effective with a secure lock. However, it can be useful for hiding apps and games from kids & prying eyes. The same method can be used for finding hidden apps as well.

So Let’s check out the procedure to hide/unhide app on LG K20 & K20 Plus –


How to Find Hidden Apps on LG K20 / How to hide apps on LG K20 Plus

Let’s try to hide the Gallery & Chrome App. After hiding it will be gone from the Home Screen.

On on LG K20 or K20 Plus Homescreen Long Press an empty space to get access to Home screen settings.

Tap “Home screen settings” to open it.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and open “Hide apps” as shown above.

Now tick those app checkboxes which you wish to hide and click on “APPLY”.  A message flashed at the bottom of the screen “2 apps hidden” as visible in the screenshot above.

I’ve chosen Gallery & Chrome app and you can see it’s gone from the home screen.


Now, let’s restore those hidden apps.

To restore hidden apps, Again go to Home screen settings < Hide Apps & this time uncheck the hidden apps i.e Gallery and Chrome browser as shown above, and tap “APPLY”.

Now a pop-up flashed with the message  “0 apps hidden”.

This way we can hide and unhide apps on LG K20 & K20 Plus.


If you’re trying to find other hidden apps on LG K20 Plus such as the Hidden Menu then check out this post.


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