LG K51 hidden menu codes lmk500 – Metro, Boost, T-Mobile

There are 2 types of Hidden menus on LG K51. The secret menu is revealed by dialing a secret code in the phone dialer. The code can vary as per the carrier/service provider. We are going to check out the K51 Hidden Menu Codes for MetroPCS, T-Mobile & Boost Mobile.

The Hidden Menu includes a huge list of useful options. It can aid in LG K51 Troubleshooting.

So, without wasting time, Let’s proceed further –

LG K51 Hidden Menu Dialer Codes – MetroPCS lmk500mm, Boost Mobile lmk500um, T-Mobile lmk500tm

The hidden menu codes for MetroPCS and T-Mobile are the same.


LG K51 T-Mobile / MetroPCS First Hidden Menu

LG K51 Hidden Menu Code

Open the Phone dialer on your K51 and dial this code 277634#*#



LG K51 Hidden Menu

The options here are more or less similar to the first Hidden Menu.

1. LG K51 MetroPCS / T-Mobile Main Hidden Menu


Hidden Menu LG K51

The 2nd or Main hidden menu dialer code for Metro/T-Mobile K51 is *#546368#*500#


a. Device Test

LG lmk500mm hidden menu

We are on the LG K51 Hidden Menu page.

There are 4 options on this page – Device Test, ORT Test, SVC Menu & Field Test.

Let’s explore them one by one starting with the Device Test.

Go to Device Test > SAAT > Service Menu – Manual Test.

lg lmk500tm hidden menu

Let’s perform the K51 tests as follows –



1. Auto Detecting Item Test

lg lmk500um hidden menu

Insert an SD Card and SIM card in their respective slots before performing this test.

I’ve successfully cleared the Auto Detecting Item test on my K51.

2. Key Press Test

lg k51 metropcs hidden menu

The 2nd test on our list is the “Key Press” Test.

It also tests the Proximity Sensor.

Press all the 4 hard keys on your K51 i.e Volume UP, Volume Down, Google Assistant & Power Button. A beep sound and color change indicate the button is working fine.

lg k51 proximity sensor test

Block the Proximity sensor with your hand and then unblock it. This way we can test the functioning of Proximity sensor.

3. Display Check Test

lg k51 display test

The 3rd test on our list is the Display Check test.

lg k51 display check test

During this test the screen turns all black then all white. You can identify the dead pixels if any using this test.

4. Ring Test

lg k51 sound problems test

At the name suggests, during the Ring test the phone rings at the maximum volume. You can troubleshooting external speaker issues using the Ring Test.

5. Vibrator Test

lg k51 vibrator test

The next hardware test is the Vibrator motor test.

The K51 vibrates at maximum intensity during this test. If the vibration function is not working on your phone, go through this test.

6. Motion Sensor Test

lg k51 gyroscope test

The all 3 common motion sensors are present in LG K51. These are Magnetometer (Compass), Accelerometer & Gyroscope (VR).

To test the proper functioning of motion sensors we have to place the phone in different positions.

First of all, place it on a flat surface.


lg k51 accelerometer test

Now stand the phone vertically and then horizontally.

lg k51 digital compass test

My K51 has passed the Motion sensor test.

7. Loop Back Test

lg k51 audio test

At a time we can hear the sound through earphones or external speakers.

This loopback function is checked during this test.

When the Audio (through earphones) option is ON the speaker turns off and vice versa.

lg k51 sound test

I’ve cleared the Loopback test on my K51.

8. GPS/Bluetooth/Wifi Test

lg k51 Bluetooth & Wifi

The next option on the list includes 3 tests in one – Wifi, Bluetooth & GPS test. We can troubleshoot issues related to Wifi & Bluetooth using this test.

Connect your K51 to Wifi and Bluetooth before performing this test. The Location service should also be turned on.

9. Touch Draw Test – Manual

lg k51 touchscreen not working

The touch draw test works in 2 parts.

During the first phase, do not touch the LCD.

lg k51 touchscreen test

Now draw manually on the screen to check the touch screen functionality.

10. Camera(Main) Test

lg k51 camera test

We are going to test the Rear Camera during this test.

Touch the screen to take a picture.

lg k51 camera not working

Verify the picture to pass the test.

11. PDAF Test

lg k51 pdaf test

The next test checks the LG K51’s Phase Detection Autofocus feature.

Try to focus on an object to clear this test.

12. Camcorder Test

lg k51 video recording test

During the next test, the rear camera records a video for 5 seconds.

lg k51 camcorder test

Verify the video to clear the K51 camcorder test.

13. VT Camera Test

lg k51 front camera test

The VT Camera can be used to troubleshoot the Front /Selfie camera issues.

The Front viewfinder is visible during this test.

14. FM Radio Test

lg k51 fm radio test

Connect an earphone to test the FM Radio functionality on your LG K51.

15. OTG Test

lg k51 otg compatible

You can connect a  Pen Drive, Mouse, etc, to your K51 using a USB OTG adapter.

Connect a Pen Drive before performing this test. The “Storage Mount” & “File Operation” tests are cleared.

16. Fingerprint Test

lg k51 fingerprint test

The last test on the Device Test list is the Fingerprint sensor test.

Tap “Start” to initiate this test.

lg k51 fingerprint scanner not working

Place your finger on the Fingerprint sensor to pass this test.


b. ORT Test

lg k51 boost mobile hidden menu

The next option on the Hidden Menu list is the ORT Test.

lg k51 spectrum mobile hidden menu

The ORT test options are more or less similar to the Device tests we performed earlier.

lg k51 at&t hidden menu

Check out the ORT Test list in the above screenshot.

3. SVC Menu

LG k51 verizon hidden menu

The 3rd option on the LG K51 Hidden Menu list is “SVC Menu”.

lg k51 sprint hidden menu

You can check out the SVC Menu test options in the above screenshots.

4. Field Test

lg k51 xfinity mobile hidden menu

The last option on the Hidden Menu Page is the “Field Test”.

lg k51 unlocked hidden menu

It mostly contains Network-Related tests.

You can check out the test list in the above screenshots.

The notable tests are the LTE data test, Wifi test, GPS test, SMS test & Call test.

We can use the Field test option for network troubleshooting.


LG K51 Boost Mobile/Sprint/Virgin Mobile Hidden Menu Code

lg k51 boost mobile hidden menu code

The LG K51 Boost Mobile Hidden Menu code is different but it takes us to the same Menu we explored earlier.

The dialer code for the K51 Boost Mobile Hidden Menu is 5689#*500#

Go through the beginning of the post to explore the Device Test, ORT Test, SVC Menu & Field Test options.


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