LG K40 Lagging / LG K30 Running Slow – How to Fix

LG K40 is a very capable phone with a decent 1.8 GHz Octa-Core CPU. LG Stylo 5 is equipped with the same Processor. However, the 2GB RAM on K40 is insufficient. On the other hand, K30 comes with a 1.4 GHz Quad-Core CPU and 2GB RAM.

Both K30 & K40 operate smoothly when new. However, over a period of time the storage space is occupied with Apps, Games, etc.  and slows down the phone. Other factors can also contribute to the slow performance of your phone.

In this post, we are going to find out the root cause and make your K30/K40 faster –

How to make LG K30 & K40 faster

1. Force Restart / Soft Reset

If your phone has slowed down (or frozen) all of a sudden, it must be a temporary issue & can be fixed with a Soft Reset. Use the power button to restart your phone.


lg k40 force restart

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LG K30 & K40 Themes Free Download

Give a refreshing new look to your LG K40 by choosing among the huge list of free downloadable themes. An LG K40 theme changes the colors and icons of user interface skin. It also brings changes to the keyboard.

A downloaded theme should be small in size and optimized for smooth operation while browsing through menus. The pre-installed theme is lightweight, well-optimized, and bug-free.

Let’s see how to download and install a theme on LG K40 –

Themes for LG K30 & K40

LG K40 Themes

Long-press an empty space on your K40 home screen.

Now tap “Wallpaper & theme” as shown above.

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LG K30 & K40 notifications – text, missed call/ light & sound notification

On LG K40 we can get notified for a missed call, text message, voicemail, email, and other apps.  The notification alert is received in the form of sound, voice, led light, and via flashlight.

If the phone screen is off, you get to know a message or mail has arrived with the led light or flashlight.

We can also enable the setting to view notifications on the lock screen itself.

Let’s explore the LG K30 & K40 Notification options in great detail –

LG K30 & K40 Notifications – lmx410 / lmx420


1. LG K40 /K30 Text message & Missed Call Notification

lg k40 notifications

The above screenshot shows the text message notification on the lock screen and in the notification panel respectively.

The notifications keep on accumulating in the notification panel until you view or clear them.

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