Is LG K30 mhl compatible, 5G, waterproof, qi enabled, a good phone?

This post is the 2nd part of the LG K30 Features list. Check out the first post from the below link –

Does LG K30 have NFC, IR Blaster, Wi-FI Calling, Removable Battery?

K30 is a budget smartphone. It offers decent features for the price. In the MetroPCS lineup, it falls between LG Aristo 3 & Stylo 4. Let’s find out what is present and what is missing in K30 –


LG K30 Features

1. Is LG K30 Waterproof / Water-Resistant?

Waterproof phones are usually unibody in design and their external ports (Headphone Jack & Charging Port) are covered with a flap.  This ensures that water cannot reach the insides of the phone even when exposed to water.

Some phones are Splash-Resistant. They have a water-repellent surface.

LG K30 is neither Splash-Resistant nor Water-Repellant. It does have a non-removable battery, but the headphone jack and USB Charging Port is exposed. Water can easily get in from here and damage the phone.

Read moreIs LG K30 mhl compatible, 5G, waterproof, qi enabled, a good phone?

Does LG K30 have nfc, ir blaster , wifi calling, a removable battery?

In this post, we are going to find the answers related to LG K30 features. While shopping for an Android Smartphone you should be completely aware of the available features beforehand. Even after buying the phone, many users are not sure about certain features.

K30 is available with most of the US Carriers. The different variants are K30 AT&T lmx410as, Xfinity lmx410um, Spectrum lmx410ulml, Factory Unlocked lmx410ulmg, MetroPCS lmx410mk, T-Mobile lmx410tk & Boost Mobile/Sprint/Virgin Mobile lmx410pm.


LG K Series offers decent smartphones in budget price. Let’s find out the features present in LG K30 –

LG K30 Features

1. Does LG K30 have NFC?


None of the LG K30 variants offer NFC / Android Pay.

I searched for NFC in “Settings”, no results were found. You can refer to the above screenshots.


does lg k30 have nfc

I even used a 3rd party app to check NFC and the result is “NFC is unsupported”.

2. Does LG K30 Support MHL?

A few years ago, most of the LG Android Smartphones were Slimport or MHL compatible. It offered wired screen mirroring without an internet connection. Being wired, the frame rate loss is negligible.

Unfortunately, this feature is getting obsolete. Nowadays the phone manufacturers are more inclined towards Miracast which offers Wireless Screen Mirroring.

LG K30 lacks MHL support. I couldn’t find an MHL / Slimport / HDMI adapter that can mirror the K30 screen to a TV.

3. Does LG K30 have a removable battery?

lg k30 removable battery

All the K30 variants have a non-removable battery. You can see the above warning from LG. It says “Do NOT attempt to remove the back cover” as the battery is non-removable.

Does lg k30 have removable battery

Here is another warning. It says battery replacement by a non-qualified professional can cause damage to your device.

4. Does LG K30 have Wifi Calling?

lg k30 wifi calling

On your LG K30, you can find wifi calling in Settings < Network Tab < Wi-Fi calling

If yours is a Boost Mobile / Sprint / Virgin Mobile K30, this option is renamed as “Calling Plus”.

does lg k30 have wifi calling

We can give the calling preference to Wi-Fi or Cellular Network.

5. Does LG K30 have Screen Mirroring / Miracast?


Does LG K30 have Screen Mirroring

With Miracast, we can mirror the phone screen to a TV via Chromecast, Roku, Fire TV Stick, Wireless Display Adapter or without any of these if its an Android Smart TV.

Miracast is present as “Cast” in settings.

I searched for this option in the LG K30 Settings. “Cast” option is missing from K30.


LG K30 Screen Mirroring

The above screenshot belongs to LG K20 Lineage OS Custom ROM. You can see the “Cast” option is used to “Enable wireless display”

Now the question is, How to Mirror LG K30 screen to the TV.

There are 2 options. We can either use Chromecast and Mirror our Screen via Google Home app or check out the below post –

LG K30 Screen Mirroring without Chromecast


6. Does LG K30 have a SIM Card Slot?

Does LG K30 have a SIM Card

All the K30 variants have a SIM Card slot, be it GSM or CDMA.

Non-SIM CDMA phones are gone. Nowadays even CDMA phones have GSM compatibility.

Let’s eject the LG K30 SIM tray using the SIM ejector tool.

LG K30 SIM Card Slot

There are 2 slots. One for the SIM card & the other one for Memory Card.

7. Does LG K30 have Speech to text?

LG K30 Talk to Text

LG K30 has a pre-installed QuickMemo+ app. This is a note pad app to save memos.

Launch the QuickMemo+ app.

Tap the “+” icon to add a new memo.

Does LG K30 have Speech to Text

Now tap the “Mic” icon on your phone Keyboard.

No start your dictation. It will convert your “Speech to text” as shown above.

8. Does LG K30 have Wireless Charging / Qi Charging?

Qi charging or Wireless charging is a feature found in high-end phones. Being a budget device, LG K30 lacks this feature. The good news is that there are many 3rd party wireless chargers that can make your K30 Qi-enabled.

LG K30 Wireless Charging – How to enable?

9. Does LG K30 have IR Blaster?

Does LG K30 have IR Blaster

The IR Blaster replicates the Remote Control of your various Home Appliances such as Fan, TV, AC, etc.

Sadly, LG K30 misses this feature.

I used a 3rd party to test this feature.

It says “Your software isn’t compatible with and IR Blaster”.


10. Does LG K30 have Video Calling?

Does LG K30 have Video Calling

LG K30 does support video calling.

Like Whatsapp, you can find a “Video Calling Dialer” in the phone dialer itself.

Refer to the above screenshots.

11. Does the LG K30 have a Flashlight?

Does the LG K30 have a Flashlight

The Flashlight on LG K30 is present in the Notification Panel. You won’t find this option in “Settings”.

Pull down the notification bar and look for “Flashlight”. Tap on it to enable flashlight.

The rear Camera Flash doubles as the Flashlight.

As long as the Flashlight remains on a notification “Flashlight is on” remains visible. You can tap this notification to turn off the flashlight.

12. Does the LG K30 have a Notification Light?


Does the LG K30 have a Notification Light

LED Notification light is found in settings by the name of “Blink LED”. I found this option on K40 & Stylo 4. They both have the Notification light.

Let’s search for this option in the LG K30 Settings.


LG K30 Notification Light

No results are found for this search term.

There is no LED notification light on LG K30.

13. Does the LG K30 have Fingerprint Scanner?

DOes the LG K30 have Fingerprint Sensor

A fingerprint sensor was also present on LG K20 Plus. So, K30 must have this feature.

Go to Settings < General < Lock Screen & Security”.

LG K30 Fingerprint Setup

Tap “Fingerprints” and you will be taken to the  “Add your fingerprint” page.

Hit “NEXT” to move ahead.

LG K30 Fingerprint Scanner Setup

Place your finger on the fingerprint sensor to add it for unlocking your K30 lock screen.

The Fingerprint is added successfully.

Apart from the above list, there are many more K30 features which are covered in the below table –

Does LG K30 have?Answer
IR Blaster / Infrared Remote Control
Wireless Charging / Qi Charging
Screen Mirroring / Smart View / Miracast
An SD Card Slot / Expandable Memory
A Sim Card Slot
Quick Charge / Fast Charging Support
Notification Light
Wi-Fi Calling
MHL / HDMI Support
Removable Battery
Gorilla Glass
A Gyroscope / VR Compatibility
USB OTG Support
Fingerprint Scanner
Face Recognition / Face Unlock
A Headphone Jack (3.5mm)
Video Calling
USB Type C Support
Android 9 Pie / Android 10 Update
Hotspot / Wi-FI Tethering
Talk to Text Support
Root Capability
An Unlockable Bootloader
A Custom ROM / Lineage OS
TWRP / Custom Recovery Support