How to bypass google verification on LG K30 2020 lm-x410(fg)

This is the latest method to bypass the Google Account / FRP on LG K30. Even if your K30 is running on the latest Android Firmware as of June 24, 2020, you can use this hack to get past the Google Lock Screen on K30 in a few minutes.


Until now we used to bypass the FRP / Google Lock on LG K30 using the “Switch Access” option in the Accessibility settings. In the recent K30 Android Security Update, this exploit is fixed and the Switch Access option is gone.

Refer to the above screenshot. There is no “Switch Access” option in the first screenshot. So in this troubleshooting guide, we are going to use a newer method to bypass the Google Lock on LG K30.

On my K30 I did a Hard Reset using the Volume Down & Power Button. This brings me to the Welcome screen of the setup wizard as shown above.

Let’s proceed further.

You can see I’m stuck on the Google Verification screen. It asks me to draw the correct pattern or sign in using the last synced google account.  If you don’t know either of these, there is no need to worry. You are at the right place.

In the next few minutes, we are going to get past this screen –


LG K30 FRP Bypass Google Account 2020


Let’s divide the whole process into 4 parts for the ease of understanding –

STEP 1: Setting up a SIM Card Lock

As a first step, power off your LG K30.

Now get hold of another phone to add a SIM Card lock.

I’m using LG K40 MetroPCS.

If you’re using an LG phone, Go to Settings < Lock Screen & security < Set up SIM card lock.

Tap “Lock SIM Card”. It asks for the current PIN. The default MetroPCS/T-Mobile SIM Card PIN is 1234

Enter this PIN and hit “OK”.

It says “SIM card lock enabled”.

We are going to insert this locked SIM  into LG K30.

Use a SIM ejector tool to pull out the K30 SIM tray as shown above.

Place the locked SIM Card and insert the SIM tray back in its slot.


STEP 2: Receiving a file on LG K30 via Bluetooth

Now power on your LG K30.

As soon as it boots up you’ll be asked to enter the SIM PIN code.

Enter 1234 and hit the “tick” icon.  The code is accepted.

Now, the next step is a Crucial step –

There is a notification on the screen which says “Not signed in”.  Slide from this notification towards the bottom of the screen.  You can follow the arrow as marked in the above screenshot. 

Don’t slide your finger in the upward direction. We’ve to slide from the center to the bottom of the screen.

(If you fail to do it correctly, reboot the phone and do it again)

If done correctly, you’ll get access to the notification panel as shown above.

Long press the “Bluetooth Icon”.

Turn on the Bluetooth on LG K30 and use another device to send an image file to K30.

Once again I’m using LG K40 to send a picture via Bluetooth.

Let’s open the Gallery to share an image via Bluetooth.

Follow the above screenshots to send a file from another device to K30 using Bluetooth.

Accept the file on K30 as shown above.

Now, tap the “3 dots” icon at the top-right corner.

Select “Received files”.

We have received the image file.  Tap on it to share.

Select “Photos” and hit “OK”.


STEP 3: Adding a new Screen Lock PIN, Pattern or Password

Give access to the Photos app by hitting “ALLOW”.

Again click the “Share Icon” as visible in the above screenshot.

Choose “Gmail” among the listed options to share this file.

Now we have got access to the Gmail App.

Tap “Skip” to proceed further.

We’ve to add an email address. Select this option.

On the “Set up email” page, click on the last option i.e. “Other”.

Enter any email address and hit “NEXT”.

Select the last option “Exchange”

Now tap  “SELECT” as shown above.

A pop-up says we’ve to add a secure screen lock to use credential storage.

Hit “CHANGE” to add a screen lock.

We can set a Pattern, PIN, or Password.

You can set either of them. Set an easy to remember screen lock.

I’m adding a PIN lock.


I’ve added 1234 as the screen lock PIN.

We are all done. Now we have to move back all the way to the first “Welcome” screen of the setup wizard.

STEP 4: Going back to Welcome Page & Finishing the Setup Wizard

Use the back key and keep going back until you’re on the welcome screen.

Use the forward arrow to proceed further.

Hit “Set up as new”.

Enter the screen lock PIN / Pattern / Password when prompted.

Now we are on the Google sign-in page but there’s a “Skip” option on the bottom-right corner.

Tap “Skip” to move further.

Now follow the on-screen prompts to complete the setup wizard.

Tap “NEXT” on the name page.

Skip the fingerprint setup we can do it later.

Accept Google Services Terms & conditions.

There is no need to add an account at this stage. We can do it later. Hit “CANCEL” to move ahead.

Tick “I agree” on the legal documents page and tap “DONE” to finish the setup wizard.

We are on the LG K30 Home Screen.

We have successfully bypassed the Google Verification screen on LG K30.

If facing any issue, feel free to leave a comment below.

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