LG K20 SIM Card not working / not reading SIM Card – Fix

There are 3 variants of LG K20 which are K20, K20 v & K20 Plus. Out of this K20 & K20 Plus are GSM phones whereas K20 v belongs to Verizon and its a CDMA + GSM Phone.

K20 is from AT&T and K20 Plus belongs to MetroPCS / T-Mobile.  After knowing the K20 variants it would be easier to troubleshoot SIM card related issues on your K20 Phone.

There are various possibilities for a SIM card failure on your K20 / K20 Plus. First of all, we’re going to re-install the sim card and later on, we’re going to follow the troubleshooting steps –

LG K20 Sim Card Installation – The Basic troubleshooting step

Lift your LG K20 / K20 Plus back cover using the groove as shown above.

Insert your SIM card in the lower slot. The upper slot is for the micro SD card.

Make sure you insert a Nano-SIM in the SIM card slot.


Now reboot your phone and check whether the SIM is working or not.

If it’s still not working then based on the error you’re getting we’re going to resolve the SIM card related issue using the below troubleshooting steps –

Troubleshooting Step 1:  Check if the Airplane Mode is ON on you K20 / K20 Plus

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LG K20 Sound Problems / LG K20 Plus Speaker not working – Fix

Audio related issues are quite common on LG K20 & K20 Plus. The common sound problems found on K20 / K20 Plus are low sound, speaker not working, no sound, ear speaker not working, etc.

In this post, we’re going to try all the troubleshooting steps along with a diagnostic test via LG K20 hidden menu to fix K20 Plus Sound Problems. So, Let’s get going –

How to troubleshoot LG K20 Sound Problems

1. LG K20 No Sound via Loud Speaker

Before getting a replacement speaker for LG K20 / K20 Plus we should make sure that the issue is related to hardware or software. If its a software issue then it can be easily fixed without replacing the External Speaker –

a. Make sure your phone is not in the Silent mode

lg k20 sound profile

Go to Settings < Sound < Sound Profile as shown above.

Check the Sound Profile and change it to  “Sound” if it’s in “Vibrate Only” or “Silent” mode.

Below Sound Profile, you can see “Volume”, open it and check if the Ringtone and other volumes are at a sufficient level.

Even after adjusting the volume, if still the speaker is still not working then move on to the next step.

b. Do a Soft Reset

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How to Speed up LG K20? / LG K20 Plus running slow – Fix

LG K20 is a budget phone with an entry-level processor. With the installation of apps and games, the phone can get slow over a period of time. To speed up your K20 the best solution is a factory data reset but that’s a time-consuming process as we need to backup and restore everything with a reset.

In this post, I’m going to discuss those methods which are going to speed up your K20 & K20 Plus without erasing your precious internal storage data.

How to Speed up LG K20 / LG K20 Plus running Slow – How to Fix it?

To get a boost in speed on your K20 Plus, try out these steps –


1. Reduce the Animation Scale in Developer Options

To enable developer options on your K20 Plus, please check out this post.


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