AT&T Calypso Google FRP Bypass without computer 2022

AT&T Calypso u318aa is the same as Cricket Vision 3. Both runs on the Android 10 go operating system. The original Calypso device is now upgraded to Calypso 2 u319aa. The successor comes with Android 11 go out of the box.

In this post, we are going to use the latest 2022 method to bypass the Google account verification on AT&T Calypso Android 10 without a computer. In a few minutes, you’ll reach the U318aa home screen.

So, let’s begin the troubleshooting –


The need for Google verification arises when you hard reset your Calypso device via Recovery Mode.

I was locked out due to the forgotten password. To bypass the AT&T Calypso lock screen I used the volume up & power keys to factory reset the device.

After the reset, I reached the “Hi There” screen.

Click the “START” button to move ahead.

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