How to Bypass Google Account Verification on LG K40 2020 lm-x420

In this tutorial, I’m going to share the latest 2020 hack to Bypass FRP / Google Lock on LG K40 without PC.

The earlier exploit got fixed in the recent K40 Software Update. After the Android Update, the Switch Access option is removed from the Accessibility Settings.

LG K40 FRP Bypass

The above Google Verification screen shows up if the device had a Screen Lock (PIN, Pattern or Password) as well as Google Account & you performed a Hard reset using Volume Down & Power Button.

LG K40 Google Bypass


In the earlier K40 FRP Bypass tutorial, we used the Switch Access option in the Accessibility settings as the first step.

Check out the above screenshot. Switch Access is missing from Accessibility Settings after the April 2020 Security Update.

The good news is there is another way out to bypass the Google Verification Screen on LG K40. Follow the below step by step tutorial with the screenshots to make your phone usable once again –


LG K40 FRP Bypass Google Account LM-X420 2020 – MetroPCS / T-Mobile / Spectrum Mobile / AT&T / US Cellular / Factory Unlocked

We are going to divide the FRP Bypass Tutorial into 4 parts for the ease of understanding –

STEP 1: Setting up a SIM Card lock using another phone


LG K40 Google Account Bypass


We have to insert a locked SIM into our LG K40.

For this purpose, we need another phone

I’m using LG Aristo 2 to lock a MetroPCS SIM card – 

If using an LG Android Smartphone, Go to Settings < General < Lock Screen & Security < Set up SIM Card lock

How to bypass Google verification on lg k40

Toggle on “Lock SIM Card”.

When prompted enter the default MetroPCS SIM PIN 1234 and hit “OK”.

Now it says “SIM card lock enabled”.

lg k40 frp bypass 2020


Remove this locked SIM from Aristo 2 & insert it in LG K40.

You can refer to the above photos.

how to bypass google account on lg k40

Once you’ve inserted the locked SIM, Long-Press the Power button and restart your K40.

STEP 2: Receiving an Image File via Bluetooth on LG K40

lg lm-x420mm frp bypass

Enter the SIM Lock PIn we set earlier i.e 1234

There is a notification on the screen “Not signed in”.

We have to unlock the screen by swiping from this notification towards the bottom of the screen. 

Follow the arrow in the above screenshot.

Don’t swipe in the upward direction.

lg lmx420mm frp bypass

If done correctly, you’ll see the notification panel on the top.

(If you don’t get the notification panel, restart the phone and try it again)


Long-Press the “Bluetooth icon”

Turn on Bluetooth and send an image file from another device to K40.

lg k40 metropcs frp bypass

I’m once again using Aristo 2 for this purpose – 

I’m sending a picture from Aristo 2 to K40 via Bluetooth as per the above screenshots.


lg k40 spectrum frp bypass

The file is being sent to K40 via Bluetooth.

lg k40 us cellular frp bypass

Have a look at your K40 screen.

We have to accept the Bluetooth File.

Now, hit the “3 dots” icon at the top-right corner and select “Received Files”.

STEP 3: Adding a Secure Screen Lock

lg k40 google lock bypass

Tap the image file to open it.

There are 2 options, Gallery & Photos.

We have to open the file using the “Photos” app.

lg k40 frp bypass apk tool

Allow access to the necessary app permissions.

Use the ‘Share icon” to share this file via Gmail as shown above.

lg k40 frp bypass without pc

Tap the “SKIP” option on the “Welcome to Gmail” page.

Now select “Add an email address”.

We are now on the “Set up” email page.

Choose the last option i.e. “Other”.


lg k40 frp bypass 2020

On the next page, we are asked to enter the Email Address.

Add any Email Address and hit “NEXT”.

Now select “Exchange” as the account type.

On the next page click “SELECT” as marked in the above screenshot.

lg k40 frp bypass without computer

An “Attention” pop-up appears on the screen.

Hit “CHANGE” to add a secure screen lock

We are now on the “Select Screen lock” page –

Add an easy to remember PIN, Pattern, or Password.

I’m adding a Pattern Lock.

how to bypass google lock on lg k40

I’ve added L as the pattern lock.

a confirmation message appears on the screen “Screen lock has been changed”.

Now we are going to use the back button to go all the way back to the “Welcome” screen of the setup wizard.

STEP 4: Going back to the Welcome Screen to finish the Setup Wizard

lg k40 AT&T frp bypass

Use the back button and keep going back until you’re on the Welcome Screen.

lg k40 metropcs google bypass

Use the forward arrow to proceed further.

Tap “DON’T COPY” on the “Copy apps  & data” page.

Draw the pattern we just set earlier.

bypass google account lg k40


Hit the “Skip” option to proceed further.

Hit “MORE” on the Google Services page.

bypass google lock on lg k40

Follow the on-screen prompts and keep moving ahead.

LG K40 FRP Remove

We are now on the Legal Documents Page.

Tick the respective checkboxes and hit DONE to land on the LG K40 home screen.

We have successfully bypassed the Google Account Verification on LG K40.

I’ve made a video on this as well. You can check out the below video –

If facing any issue, feel free to leave a comment below.




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