Blu View 3 FRP Bypass Google Account B140DL 2022 No PC

Blu View 3 is an entry-level budget Android smartphone from Tracfone. It’s the successor to Blu View 2 and comes with Android 11 out of the box.

In this post, we are going to bypass the Google account verification on Blue View 3 without a computer. We are going to use the latest and easiest method to reach the View 3 home screen in no time.

So, let’s begin the troubleshooting –

I forgot the Blue View 3 lock screen password. To bypass the lock screen I did a hard reset using the volume up + power button.

Now, the factory reset is complete and I’ve reached the “Hi There” screen.

Hit the “START” button to move ahead.


Now, connect your device to a Wifi network.

The phone is getting ready. Please wait for a few minutes.



Click “Don’t copy” when you land on the “Copy apps & data” screen.

The following page is “Verify Password”.

To get past this screen I need to verify with the lock screen password or the previously synced Google account.

I do not remember either of the two.



Let’s bypass the Google lock using the latest 2022 hack as follows –

How to bypass Google Account on Blu View 3 without PC 2022 – B140DL FRP unlock Tracfone, Straight Talk, Total Wireless, Simple Mobile, Walmart Family Mobile



I’m stuck on the “Google – Verify your account” page.

Tap the back button to reach the “Hi There” screen.



Now, click the “Emergency Call” button to open the phone dialer.

There is “EMERGENCY INFORMATION” on the top. Click on it 2 times.



On the “Emergency Information” page, hit the “Edit button” as shown above.


Now, select the first option – “Name – Owner” and then tap the “Profile icon”.


When the dropdown appears, select the lower option – “Choose an image”.

Now, we are on the “Recent” screen.

Hit the “3 bar” icon located at the top-left corner.



Long-press “Drive” to reach the “App Info” screen.

Now, click on “Permissions”.



On the “App Permissions” screen, hit the “search button” and type settings.


Now, scroll down to the bottom and click on “Settings – App Info” as marked in the above screenshot.

Hit “OPEN” to launch the Settings app.



We are now in Settings.

Go to “Apps” > “View all Apps”.


Now, disable Android Setup & Google Play Services.

First, click on “Android Setup”. Hit the “FORCE STOP” button.



Click “OK” to force stop this app.

Now, go one step back and open “Google Play Services”.



On the “Google Play Services” page, click the “DISABLE” button.



Click on “DISABLE APP” when prompted.

Go 2 steps back with the back button to reach the Settings page.


Click the back button 2 times as shown above.


Now, open “Accessibility” > “Accessibility Menu”.


Turn on the accessibility menu shortcut and then click “ALLOW” to create the shortcut button.

The shortcut is placed at the bottom-right corner. We are going to use it in the next step.

Now, hit the back button multiple times to reach the first page.


We are again on the “Hi There” screen.

Hit the accessibility menu shortcut button.

When the menu opens, choose the first option – “ASSISTANT”.



Now, tap the Google assistant button on the bottom-left as marked in the above screenshot.

It says “Google Play Services required”.

Click “Settings” to proceed further.


Hit the “ENABLE” button to turn on Google Play Services.

Now, go back to the “Hi There” screen.



Click the “START” button to move ahead.

When you land on the “Copy apps & data” screen, click the back button once. 



This brings me to the “Connect to Wifi” page.

There is a new option “Set up offline”. Hit  “Set up offline” then “CONTINUE”.


We have successfully bypassed the Google account verification on Blu View 3 without a PC.

Hit “Next” on the “Date & Time” screen.



Click “Accept” on the “Google Services” screen.

Skip the “Face Unlock” set up in the next step.


Accept the Tracfone Wireless terms and conditions to reach the Blu View 3 home screen.



Now, open the Settings app to disable the accessibility menu shortcut.

Go to “Accessibility” > “Accessibility Menu”.




Turn off the shortcut as shown above.

If you’re stuck at any step, feel free to leave a comment below.



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  1. When I go to the dropdown me after pressing the profile icon it doesn’t give me the option choose an image,just says take a photo

  2. Omg! Thank you so much. I went through so many different methods, the turning on talk back method, the screen lock method, all of them and in every one I was missing one step that I didn’t have as an option on my phone. Yours was the right method and it was easy to follow. Very detailed! Thank you

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