Blu View 3 B140DL FRP Bypass Google Unlock New Method 2022

Blu View 3 is the successor to Blu View 2. It’s an entry-level smartphone for Tracfone that comes with Android 11 out of the box.

You can also use the old method to bypass the Google account on Blu View 3 as per the below link –

Blu View 3 Google FRP Bypass Android 11 2022

If you have Blu View 2, then use the below link to bypass the Google verification –

Blu View 2 Google FRP Bypass Android 10 2022

In this post, we are going to use a new method to bypass the FRP lock on Blu View 3 running on the latest sucerity update. Please follow the below troubleshooting guide to reach the home screen in no time –

To bypass the Blu View 3 lock screen, I did a factory data reset using the volume up & power button.

The hard reset is now complete and I’ve reached the “START” screen.

Hit “START” to move ahead.


In the next step, we are going to connect our device to a Wifi network.


After a few minutes, it brings me to the “Copy apps & data” page. Hit “Don’t copy” to move ahead.

To proceed further, we need to verify with the lock screen Pattern/PIN/Password or with the previously synced Google account.



I do not remember the Google account credentials.

Let’s use the latest 2022 hack to bypass the FRP lock on Blu View 3 B140DL  –

How to bypass Google account verification – FRP lock on Blu View 3 B140DL without a computer – Tracfone, Straight Talk, Walmart Family Mobile, Total Wireless, Page Plus


To bypass the Google account, go back to the “START” screen.



We are on the first page.

Click on “Vision Settings” and then select the last option – “Talkback”.


Enable the “Use Talkback” button as shown above.

Now, hit “ALLOW” to turn on talkback.



Draw L on the screen to launch the “Talkback Menu”.

Double-tap on “Talkback Settings”.



We have reached the “Talkback Settings” page.

Now, you can turn off talkback. Press and hold both the volume keys as shown above.

Once again click the volume keys to turn off talkback.

Talkback is turned off.

Now, go to “Braille keyboard” > “Set up braille keyboard”.


When the pop-up window appears, click on “Gboard” to reach the “Google Play” screen.

Now, tap the “3 dots” icon and choose “Settings”.


On the Settings page, select the first option – “General – Notifications”.




Open “Notifications” to reach the “Notification Settings” page.

Hit the first option i.e. “Account”.


Now, tap the “Google Play Store icon” to reach the “App Info” screen.

Select “Permissions” to proceed further.


Hit the “search icon” and type settings in the search bar.




Now, scroll down to the bottom and select “Settings – App Info”.

Hit “OPEN” to launch the Settings app.


Now, Go to “Apps” > “VIEW ALL 40 APPS”.



“FORCE STOP” the “Android Setup” app.

Open Android Setup and hit the Force Stop button.



Now, go one step back and open “Google Play Services”.


Hit “DISABLE” to turn off the Google Play Services app.



Now, go 2 steps back to the setting page.


Tap the back button 2 times.


Now, open “Accessibility” > “Accessibility Menu”.



Turn on the Accessibility Menu shortcut and hit “ALLOW” in the next step.



The shortcut button appears at the bottom-right corner. We will use it later.

Now, go back to the first page. Hit the back key multiple times to reach the “START” screen.



Tap the shortcut button to launch the “Accessibility Menu”.

Select the first option – “ASSISTANT”.

It says – “Google Play Services required”.

Hit “Settings” to enable Google Play Services.


Tap the “ENABLE” button as shown above.

Now, go back to the first page.


Hit “START” to move ahead.



When you reach the “Copy apps & data” screen, click the back button once. 





Now, tap “Set up offline” > “CONTINUE”.




We have successfully bypassed the Google account on Blue View 3 using the talkback method.

Hit “Next” on the “Date and Time” screen.


Accept the Google services terms and conditions.

Skip the screen lock setup & face unlock set up in the next step.


Accept the Tracfone terms and conditions to land on the Blu View 3 home screen.

Now, let’s disable the accessibility menu shortcut.



Open Settings and Go to “Accessibility” > “Accessibility Menu”.


Turn off the Accessibility Menu Shortcut as shown above.

If you’re stuck at any stage, feel free to leave a comment below.

You can also use the alternate method to bypass the Google verification on Blu View 3 –

Blu View 3 Google FRP Bypass Android 11 2022





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