AT&T Radiant Max FRP Bypass u705aa Google unlock 2022

There are 2 different AT&T Radiant Max devices. The older one is the 4G version U705aa with Android 10. The newer AT&T Radiant Max 5G EA211001 runs on Android 11 software.

In this post, we are going to learn how to bypass the Google account verification on the AT&T Radiant Max U705aa Android 10 without a computer.

The google account verification is required when you hard reset your Radiant Max device using the volume up & power button. Once the factory reset is done, you need to verify with the screen lock PIN/Pattern/Password, or with the previously synced Google account.

If you don’t remember the Google account, follow the below troubleshooting guide to reach the AT&T Radiant Max home screen –


I forgot the Radiant Max lock screen password. To bypass the lock screen I did a hard reset with the volume up & power button via Recovery mode.

Now, the factory reset is complete and I’m on the “START” screen as shown above.

Let’s tap the “START” button to begin the device setup.

To proceed further, we have to connect our device to the internet.

My phone is now connected to the “Home Wifi 4G” network.




The following screen is “Copy apps & data”.

Hit “Don’t copy” to move ahead.

Now, I’m stuck on the “Verify Password” screen. To get past this page, I either need to verify with the lock screen password or the previously synced Google account.


I do not remember the last synced Google account. Let’ use the latest 2022 hack to bypass the FRP lock on Radiant Max Android 10 as follows –

How to bypass Google account verification – FRP lock on AT&T Radiant Max U705AA Android 10 without computer 2022




To bypass the Google account, use the back button and reach the first page.

On the “START” screen, click on “Emergency Call”.

This opens the phone dialer. Tap “EMERGENCY INFORMATION” two times.


On the following screen look for the “edit icon” at the top-right and click on it.

Now, choose the first option – “Name – Owner”.


A “Name” pop-up appears on the screen.

Click on the “profile icon” and then hit the lower option – “Choose an image”.



This brings me to the “Recent” screen.

Tap the “3 bar” icon on the top-left and then long-press on “Photos”.



With the long press, it’ll bring you to the “App Info” page.

Now, select “Permissions” and then touch the search icon on the top.



In the search bar enter the term settings and wait for a moment.

When the results appear, scroll down to the bottom.

Look for “Settings – App Info” and click on it.


Hit “OPEN” to reach the Settings page.

Now, click on “Security”.


Select the last option on the Security page i.e. “Screen Pinning”.

Now, turn on Screen Pinning.



A 2nd option appears below it – “Lock device when unpinning”. Enable this option.

This now brings me to the “Protect your phone” screen.

I can use this page to set up a new Pattern, PIN, or Password.

Let’s choose the PIN option.



I’m adding 1234 as the new PIN code.

We are going to use this new PIN to bypass the Google account.

After changing the screen lock, go back to the first page.


Hit the “START” button when you reach the “Hi There” screen.


Click “Don’t copy” on the “Copy apps & data” page.

Instead of the screen lock PIN verification page, it directly took me to the “Google – “Verify your account” screen. We need to restore the “Verify PIN” screen to bypass the Google verification. 

Let’s hard reset the device to get back the “Verify PIN” screen. 

NOTE: If you get the “Verify PIN” screen, not need to hard reset the device. Verify with the PIN code 1234 and follow the on-screen prompts to reach the home screen.


Let’s turn off the device to perform a hard reset.

Long-press the power button and choose “Power off”.

Now, press and hold the volume up + power button.

It’ll bring you to a black screen with few options.

Use the volume up key to highlight the “Recovery Mode” option. Now, select this option with the volume down button.

It brings me to the “No Command” screen.

To exit this page – 

Press and hold the power button. Keep it pressed and tap the volume up button once.

Release both the keys when the “Android Recovery” screen appears.



We are now in AT&T Radiant Max Recovery Mode.

Use the volume down key to move from “Reboot System Now” to “Wipe data/factory reset”.

Now, press the power button once.

Again go down from “Cancel” to “Factory data reset” with the volume key and hit the power button to reset your device.

After the factory reset, hit the power button to reboot your phone.

After a few minutes, it brings me to the “START” screen.

Click “START” to move ahead.

Now, connect your phone to a Wifi network.

Hit “Don’t copy” on the “Copy apps & data” screen.

This time it brings us to the “Verify PIN” screen. This page is restored with the hard reset.

Verify with the PIN code 1234


We have successfully bypassed the Google account verification on AT&T Radiant Max.

Click the “Skip” button on the Google sign-in screen.



Now, accept the Google services terms and conditions.


Follow the on-screen prompts and keep moving ahead.

Skip the screen lock setup and face unlock setup.


We have successfully landed on the AT&T Radiant Max home screen thus bypassing the Google account.

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