22 Most Amazing LG K30 Hidden Features, Secrets & Hacks

15. How to set up Smart Lock on LG K30

set smart lock on lg k30

Before using Smart lock we need to set a secure lock as pin, pattern or password as a backup.

To do this go to Settings < Lock screen & security < Select screen lock and set pattern, PIN or passwords as your screen lock.


lmx410(fg) smart lock setup


Now go one step back to “Lock screen & security” and tap “Secure lock settings”

Choose the last option i.e. Smart Lock. Enter your lock screen pin, password or pattern to proceed further

The 4 smart lock options are, on-body detection, trusted places, trusted devices, and voice match.

These locks are smart enough and you could use either of these to avoid the hassle of the screen unlocking.


16. Enable hidden “Developer options” on K30

lg k30 lmx410(fg) developer options

“Developer options” is meant for developers and is kept hidden by default.  It can be enabled quite easily.

Check out this post to learn how to enable developer options and USB debugging on LG K30.

17. LG K30 Maximum Battery Saver Mode

maximum battery save mode lmx410(fg)

Unlike the regular battery saver mode, K30 has an extended battery saver mode which works really well and should keep you going for a much longer time. This is also known as LG K30 Dark Mode

To enable the maximum battery save mode.

Go to Settings < Battery < Battery saver

lg k30 maximum battery saver mode

< Maximum and tap “TURN ON”


You can see it almost doubles the battery life as compared to normal mode.

18. How to do hardware testing & smart cleaning on K30

hardware testing and smart cleaning lg k30

It’s good to have the basic troubleshooting options within the phone itself.

For Smart Cleaning & Hardware testing go to “Settings < Extensions < Smart Cleaning

lmx-410(fg) smart cleaning

and tap “Optimize phone” to free up ROM and  RAM on your K30.

You can see the “Test Hardware” option at the bottom-right corner. Tap it to open.

lg k30 bluetooth, wifi & sensor testing


We can test Wifi, Bluetooth, Proximity Sensor, Light Sensor, Fingerprint Sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope & Magnetometer in this test.

Tap “TEST ALL” to initiate hardware testing. You will see the result as GOOD or BAD against each parameter.


19. LG K30 Android Oreo 8.1 Easter Egg


lg k30 easter egg game

The easter egg on K30 can be opened by going to Settings < System < About Phone


lg k30 android oreo update 8.1.0

< Software Info & tapping on Android Version multiple times until you see the Oreo icon.

lg k30 octopus screen saver

Now tap on Oreo biscuit multiple times then long-press it to launch the Octopus screensaver. The 8 tentacles or octopus represent Android 8.  In the earlier version of Android i.e Nougat, there was a game instead of the screen saver.

20. LG K30 Google Verification (FRP) Hack

Doing a factory reset with hard keys on K30 will take you to Google Verification screen when you need to sign in with your last synced Google account.

With a certain hack, we can bypass this Google’s Factory Reset Protection (FRP) screen. You can check out this post to Bypass FRP on LG K30.

21. LG K30 Safe Mode, Download Mode, Recovery Mode & Fastboot Mode

There are different modes of troubleshooting on K30 called Safe Mode, Recovery Mode & Download mode. Check out this post to know how to enter & troubleshoot your LG K30 using Recovery Mode, Download Mode & Safe Mode.

Fastboot Mode is used to unlock the LG K30 bootloader. You can check out this post to know how to enter Fastboot Mode on LG K30.

22. Downgrade LG K30 from Android Oreo 8.1 to Android Nougat 7.1

If you are not happy with Android Oreo on K30, you can easily downgrade it to Android Nougat and later on upgrade it as well if needed.

Make sure to backup your data before downgrading it to Nougat as we need to reset the phone on the first reboot after flashing.

Check out this tutorial to downgrade LG K30 from Android Oreo to Nougat.

If you know an LG K30 hidden feature or hack which I’ve missed, please share it in the comment section below.



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