22 Most Amazing LG K30 Hidden Features, Secrets & Hacks

There are lots of features in LG K30 which are somewhat hidden and would not come to notice without deep analysis. In this post, we’re going to unhide those amazing features one by one.

So, without further ado let’s dive into the secret treasures of LG K30 –

LG K30 Hidden Features, Secrets & Hacks

1.  How to Search Personal Content on LG K30 Home Screen

The default home screen on K30 is without the app drawer.

It’s not a bad thing to have access to all the apps on the home screen itself but it becomes cumbersome to find an app if the screen is cluttered with apps.

LG K30 Swipe down to search on home screen

The solution to this problem is a search bar that is hidden and shows up on swiping down from the middle of the screen.


2. How to get back the LG K30 App Drawer


lg k30 app drawer


As already discussed, the default home screen on  LG K30 is without the app drawer.

To change it, long-press any empty space on the home screen. Now select “Home screen Settings”  then “Select Home”

LG K30 Home & app drawer

and tap “Home & app drawer” as shown above.


3. How to hide apps on LG K30

LG K30 Hide Apps

Apps on K30 can be hidden only when the home screen is set to “Home & app drawer” mode.

Open the app drawer and tap the “3 dots” icon at the right-hand top corner.

Select ” Hide Apps”.

LG K30 Find Hidden Apps

Now, checkbox those apps which you wish to hide and Tap “DONE”.

Repeat the same procedure to unhide apps by unchecking the checkboxes.


4. How to create a folder on LG K30

LG K30 Create a Folder

To create a folder, Long press an app and place in on another app. Both the apps would be added to the newly created folder.

In a similar manner, you can add as many apps as you want to this folder or by creating another folder.

5. How to turn on Google Assistant on LG K30

Google Assistant on LG K30

Long press the home key on your K30 to launch Google Assistant as shown in the video above.

6. Double Tap Status bar to turn off the screen on K30


LG K30 double tap status bar to turn off screen

You must be aware that we can turn on and off LG K30 screen just with a double-tap without using the power key.

It’s easy to turn on the screen but to put it off, empty space to double-tap is not available every time.

The example can be 2nd and 3rd screenshot above. In such a case a double-tap on the “status bar” will put off the screen.


7.   3 taps on Volume Down Key to capture a photo

lg k30 camera shortcut key

Many times there is an urgent need to click a picture. By the time we open the camera the moment is gone.

The solution to this is the shortcut key on LG K30. You don’t even need to turn on the screen to launch the camera.

While the screen is off, press the volume down key twice to launch the camera. Focus on the object and again the press the volume down key for the 3rd time to capture that moment.


8. How to Set Notification Alerts on LG K30

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