LG K20 Plus Change Color / Color Settings

We can change the screen color on LG K20 & K20 Plus.  There’s a setting for screen color adjustment in accessibility settings.

There are 3 preset color settings which are Protanomaly (Red-Green), Dueteranomaly (Red-Green) & Tritanomaly (Blue-Yellow).  There’s also a manual mode where you can slide your finger and set the color as per your liking.

Let’s check out how to change screen color on LG K20 with the help of the below screenshots & video –


How to Change Color on LG K20 Plus

Open “Settings” on your LG K20 or K20 Plus

Go to the “General” Tab and select “Accessibility” to open it

Now click on the first option i.e “Vision” as shown above.


In Vision, look for “Screen color adjustment” and select it to open

Move the slider towards the right to turn on “Screen color adjustment”.

Let’s check the Manual Mode first which is the last option on this page.

Select it and adjust the screen color by dragging your finger horizontally.

The preset color modes are Protanomaly (Red-Green), Dueteranomaly (Red-Green) & Tritanomaly (Blue-Yellow).


Only Tritanomaly looked different from the regular shade. So, Let’s check out this color mode.

You can notice the difference in the above screenshots.


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LG K20 Plus Screen Repalcement Guide

LG K20 has a 2.5D curved glass without gorilla glass screen protection. As a result, if fallen facewards there are high chances of screen damage.

I broke my LG K20 glass with a slight fall from around 2 ft height. Even though the touch was working the glass shattered into pieces. I bought a complete LG K20 Plus frame with LCD to replace it on my own.

In the case of a broken LG K20 Plus screen, we’ve 3 options –

1. Replace LG K20 Plus outer Glass Lens

This is the most difficult to replace as you’ve to use a heat gun to remove the older glass from LCD. Moreover, it can never match the precision of the factory fitted glass.

The outer Glass lens is much cheaper than the LCD but its the most difficult to replace. It comes for around $5 without the touchscreen digitizer. So if your touchscreen is not working this won’t work.

2. Replace LCD Assembly which includes the touchscreen digitizer

This is easier than the first method yet difficult if you are doing it yourself at home. A professional technician would be able to do it with more precision.

An LG K20 LCD Assembly comes for around $20 and its just $5 cheaper than a complete frame with LCD.

3. Replace Complete LG K20 Plus Frame with LCD

This is the best option to replace your broken screen at home. Moreover, the fitting is perfect you get the feel of a new phone after the screen replacement.

An LG K20 Plus Frame with LCD comes for around $25 and it just $5 more than the LCD without Frame. But trust me this extra $5 spent on the frame will save you from a lot of hassle while replacing the LG K20 Screen.

I would suggest the below video for  LG K20 Plus screen replacement.

I followed the other video on top of the Youtube search results page and ended up with a non-working headphone jack, speaker & proximity sensor. I had to open the frame once again to do the needful.

So, save yourself from the hassle and follow the above video to repair your broken LG K20 Plus Screen.


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Fortnite for LG K20 Plus Download / Is Fortnite compatible with LG K20 ?

The minimum recommended system requirements for Fortnite Mobile are 2GB RAM, Android Oreo, and OpenGL 3.x 3D graphics support.

In this post, we’re going to test out the official version as well as the modded apk of Fortnite game on LG K20 Plus. So, Let’s check out whether Fornite is compatible with LG K20 or not

First Lets’ install the Fortnite apk from the official web page as follows –


Can you Play Fortnite on LG K20 Plus ?

Before installation, we need to enable installation from “Unknown Sources”.

To do this, Go to Settings < Fingerprint & security < Unknown sources and tap on it to enable it


Now I’m using Google Chrome browser to download fortnite from the official website.

We’ve to download the Fortnite installer

I’ve downloaded the “EpicGamesApp.apk” file as shown above

Now Let’s install the apk file

I’m launching the Fortnite installer app

The installer says “DEVICE NOT SUPPORTED”.

The recommended system requirements for Fortnite are Android 8.0 or higher with 64-bit architecture

So, let’s try to install the modded Fortnite apk which requires 64-bit Android OS.



LG K20 Plus Fortnite Modded APK Installation

I’ve flashed Lineage OS 15 custom ROM on LG K20 Plus which is 64-bit ROM running on Android Oreo 8.1.0

Let’s download and install the modded Fortnite apk file as shown above



After the installation is done, tap “OPEN” to run the installer app

The installer is  loading

Bad News!  The 3D graphics requirement are not met.

Fortnite requires at least OpenGL ES 3.1 3D graphics support but K20 Plus has OpenGL ES 2.0 so it cannot run Fornite.

Moreover, it throws an error that the  Texture Format is also Unsupported as shown above.


So, don’t waste your time installing Fortnite on K20 Plus. It doesn’t have the necessary hardware to run Fornite.


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