LG K40 FRP Bypass 2019 – Google Account Bypass without computer or apk

In this post, I’m going to share the detailed procedure to bypass google verification on LG K40 without using any app or computer. This is the easiest & Sureshot method to bypass google account on LG K40. You can follow the step by step tutorial with screenshots to restore your K40 back to the working state.

So without any further delay, Let’s start the tutorial –

How to bypass Google Verification on LG K40

The google lock comes into effect on resetting the K40 using hard keys, i.e volume down & power button.

In such a case, Google’s Factory Reset Protection (FRP) won’t let you complete the setup wizard until you sign in with the last synced Google account or enter your secure lock screen pin/password/pattern, etc.

Lg k40 google lock


You can see the above screenshots. I’m stuck on the Google verification screen on my K40.

It asks for the last synced google account or the security pin to get past this screen.  We have to use a hack to bypass this screen.


Let’s divide the whole process into 4 steps for the ease of understanding –


STEP 1: Gettings access to Google Maps app using Accessibility Settings

lg k40 frp bypass

From the Google verification screen, go all the way back to the first, Welcome Screen of the setup wizard.

Tap, “Accessibility” and accept the pop-up request by hitting “SETTINGS” as shown above.

Now, select the last option i.e “Switch Access” to open it.


bypass frp lg k40

Click “SETTINGS” at the bottom-right corner of the page.

Tap the first option i.e “Help & feedback” and then “About Switch Access for Android”.



k40 google account bypass

Tap on the Youtube video, a “3 dots” icon would appear on the top-right corner.

Hit it and select “Watch later” as shown in the screenshot above.

lg k40 google verification bypass

This would take us to the Google Chrome app.

Tap “No Thanks” to move ahead without signing in.

how to google unlock a lg k40

Search “maps” using the google search bar

On the search results page, tap on the 2nd tab i.e “MAPS” as shown in the second screenshot above to launch Google Maps app.

STEP 2: Getting access to the Contacts app using Google Maps


lg k40 frp bypass 2020

Accept pop-request to turn on device location on your LG K40.

Erase “maps” from the search bar. A “GO” option would appear on the bottom-right corner.

Tap “GO”

bypass google lock on lg k40

Choose the starting point as “Your Location”.

Choose a nearby location as your destination.


bypass frp lg k40

After adding the starting point and destination, tap “START” to initiate Google Maps navigation.

bypass google account without computer lg k40

Tap the “mic icon” on the top right corner and say “open google” to open the Google app.

bypass google account without app lg k40

In the search bar, type “Contacts” and select the last option in the dropdown as shown in the second screenshot above.

In the contacts app, tap the “3 dots” icon at the top right corner.


STEP 3: Adding a Google account using the Contacts app


google account bypass lg k40

Select the 2nd last option i.e “Contacts Settings”

On Contacts settings page, click “Online search”  and approve the request to “ADD” an account.

k40 google lock bypass

In the “EMAIL ADDRESS” field, add any email id to enable the “MANUAL SETUP” option.

Tap “MANUAL SETUP” and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Look for “Client certificate” and tap the “Add” option to add a client certificate.

To do this, we need to set a secure screen lock first.

Tap “CHANGE” to accept the request to set a screen lock.



google unlock lg k40

Let’s set an easy to remember PIN lock such as 1234


LG K40 google lock bypass

Confirm the PIN lock.

Without adding a fingerprint lock go back and exit the contacts app.

Go back slowly we just need to get out of the contacts app.

lg k40 google locked fix

Keep going back carefully until are out of the contacts app.

FRP Bypass LG K40

On exiting Contacts app, When you’re on the Google search bar page, erase “contacts” and type “Play Store”.

Tap the last “Play Store” option in the dropdown to open Google Play Store app.


google bypass lg k40

Enter the verification pin to move further

Now at this step, we can add any google account (the last synced google account is not needed).

Enter your email id and password to sign in to a google account.


google account bypass k40

After adding the account accept the Google services terms and conditions.

lg k40 google verification lock bypass

You can see, the Gmail account lgk40blog@gmail.com is successfully added.

Now restart your LG K40 using the power button.

STEP 4: Completing the Setup Wizard & getting access to the LG K40 Home screen


lg k40 frp bypass 2019

We are on the welcome screen of the setup wizard.

Tap the “forward arrow” to proceed further.


bypass google lock k40

Tap “DON’T COPY” to skip the “Copy apps & data” screen.

It shows the google account we added earlier. Click “NEXT” to move forward.

lm-x420 frp bypass metropcs

Keep moving further as shown in the screenshots above.

lm-x420 google account bypass 2019

When on Google assistant screen, Tap “No thanks” to skip the activation.

After agreeing to the “Legal Documents” tap “DONE” to finish the setup wizard.

We’ve successfully bypassed the Google Verification screen.

Now it’s better to do a factory reset.

lg k40 metropcs frp bypass

To reset your K40, pull down the notification bar and tap on the “Settings icon”

Now select the “General Tab” and click on “Restart & reset”.

lg k40 t-mobile frp bypass

Click on Factory data reset < RESET PHONE and enter the security pin which we set earlier.

lg k40 us cellular frp bypass

Finally, tap “Delete all” to initiate the Factory data reset.

Complete the setup wizard in the same manner as done before. There won’t be any google verification screen this time.


For any query or feedback, please leave a comment below.








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  2. Thank you thank you so much i took my phone in to get it unlocked and they wanted to charge me 200$ to unlock it when i only paid 50$ for the phone.

  3. This bypass will not work for phones that won’t allow you to add accounts. No one has produced a fix around that sticky situation which I find myself in.

  4. Thank you so much… your steps are easy to understand and I got through them with ease. Probably the easiest ive actually ever had experienced..

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